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dimanche 22 septembre 2013

Thoses can remember the sc2reader, sc2factory, the double-for test and not tripple-for from prettyPrinter

The sc2reader Was merely a prototype, or even beta, where a Mister Houle can say I'm spending my time on jobs doing readthedocs and developping more example ... We kindly benefit from him having a Stud-avatar for stud module... Both were in prototype around 1994-1995 before I own an overdrive being able to test at least Metal Warrior that work only a bit...

Some may agree after downloading the python version 2.3 it was a pain in the ass by follower having conviction we can surpass actual coders-works by reluking inside developpers stuff and find way to replay Starcraft II replay...

If fact it does but after seeing me doing the copy and paste to see if we can can get at least player involved inside the replay, some may find it wearying of doing the coders playing extracting by hand such information... Turning his feet to coding and loading his popular Fighting, and piloting and seeing video from it's Epic Orin Games (...) we are at least 2 years before this family exchange this person after conceding having a problems with his mobility which was already see in it's personality to failed  to wake up from itself having a exta-doses of radiation like a character from it's epic story ...

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