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vendredi 20 septembre 2013

M.Karl Rheault.Etccy, a Poison ratio in Internet Recruiting.

After compiling weekly Bulletins and daily Job-Offer, a wide open economic systems labeled «Free to Submit» does not mean «Responsability to hire».

Hardening the case a bit higher, event « Emplois du Québec » hold precedent and lot of false recruiter, was bring in psychiatric analysis after having a consensus around 1989 and Impossibility to sustain a Network based recruitment engine after a showroom from «Psychiatre and Psychologue du Québec coloc» show this following information

- Our potential observer can and will uses following technique to drown potential candidate and reducing change for him having a good life and good work.
 - Tools like CV maker like website making automatic CV, creating virtual profile and changing names and adding General informations render impossible for someone validating an excess of « Postulant » in a decent time.
- Uses of irrational job offering lead to discourage « postulant » and prefer to leave the domain and work for something simpler if it's not falling on psychologist / psychiatric help to automatically being sustained by Social Help.

We are far from its:
- just pleasant to look to your new C.V. or resume...

After all analyzing a Financial group that merely exist, it uses Generic term like
plateform SARAGA and plateform SARACLOU for Network Administer offering support for desk ...

- While after meeting a personal case wasting case of CAIIR member around a internet connection not working and showing them an offer create by herself, showing or asking to show more information about plateform SARAGA and/or SARACLOU she just open google and showing us the amount of hint about this platforme, while it was only many copies in many JobSite offert with her offer...

Cant be more omni-present and wasteful like publicity having a person asking to profesionnal to see what she only giving us as Basic-showing example...

So Internally, they keep working on this, hiring teacher teaching method to create rational Offer and asking to not pollute real Jobsite offer, they caught somes some times, not to Mention M.Bourget from Collège Rosemont which was always a question about.

- It's jobs out of any group and concern should to caught people on act or after act... Having lot of hacker lying around and person like exposed case to relieve from psychiatric penalty  and being re-inserted and constating she doing all the same error all over again or this guys is really Drinking jasmin tea and teaching whenever whats happenning around him...

Hope he was surprising with my JDBC connector on it's MAC to open a ODBC database in a unexpected-time where Java was only 3 or 4 years old in maturity and already Job offert asking for 10 years of Java knowledge...

- Question of Poison ratio !

- While we are informed we have to be realistic with offer, we are even instructed to continue to submit to higher criteron like previous one... Maybe after they asking to Own potential to own 10 years in knowledge with them... Not really, it's hoaxing techniques by owning candidate wise informations...

Having mega-portal like, Videotron Taleo, Desjardins Taleo, even being a master Widget for American side, Event McDonalds owning offer on TalentExchange while the average worker can at least have the internet and will probably uses it to listen TV, or Internet movie like Netflix not to fill CV on ...

Their portals will also have major discrimant and will eliminate canditate with some mail like
 - Your postulation can be accepted.
 - You were rejected by the offer.
 -Missing criterion we will send you other offer

Might depend from unknow poison ratio which should be telled to governement, rather than falling on Psy. asking to fall on social help, a Governement will probably have to inform they will closes JobSite and recruit-engine if they are not committing with a real ratio of loosed profile and wrongly misleading candidate...

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