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vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Python SSOClient from National Bank/FBN and Third party connection API available on PYPI.

While the most important Web Framework being Vignette 7 and beyond, this engine work in their world. Their world is an internal Network Between IBM and some Canadian provider. Lying between layer 4.x.x.x and 10.x.x.x, it start to move to independant network and start it's entry thru Wordlcom and AllStream, and Bell affiliate as well.

Out of this network, it start merely to had problems to manage Name resolution and acces. It was seen by myself to change the resolution file to let Beta version of Vignette for CGI contractor had problems to knee on changing it's resolution file name available on Windows XP, Windows 2k, Windows 7... And Sometimes they call their « own Squad Team » to resolve problems like this... Vignette 7 work perfectly if your network own an FBN machine hooked to a VPN to Possible IBM Mulder gateway of FBN canned network. Until it comes the OAuth1 authentification realm where it's a layer between a Bigger infractructure and the WEB.

In many case it's Self programmed Layer, but can be associate with LDAP server and Now some application only dependant of LDAP might hold on OAuth1 know to be SSOClient . Initially managed by CGI consultant Painting a faint glue between SharePoint and Web framework, it was possible to live with Possibility to Access to a Disk or mapped Drive thru Internet Explorer.

In late 2003, tested by volunteer in some company it lack Browser support to depend on Internet Explore SSL layer until OAuth TLS become more understood by CGI consultant and start to migrate a wide range of Browser to acces to a SharePoint Access Storage Solution (Initially SASS, become Storage Solution & Orginizer, SSO). Where it's only the LDAP more frequently asked operation being done by an apps.

Python SSO Client (Oauth1) authentification Engine.

The day they will support A logging function to this they will catch all Evil Scumm using the SSO Layer from Beta-version available Internally since a while and Ajilon might dipping more thant previously tought .

Sorry, for this, even working 2 years with them, the corrupted group had all fake name and seems to be a little bit more encrypted on my Tree-lines files, but remaining about 20 or so persons using the Layer to crack password.

Personally, it was a master in Remote-Services manager and being really implanted in FBN network, I do not understand their act...  

Personally, after hearing a Brother from a big kingdom from Africa/Middle-East in run and living here in Québec, couple of stroke away inside a ds-query application and I fall on the same name. A old group inside ss300 not active anymore holding about 21 or 25 member ... Still doubtful, this group was active between 2005-2007 While I was doing Tech-support for videotron and National-Bank at the same time... How clumsy Azdine did a call re-routing... enought to present videotron greeting and National Bank at the same-times... If it was not the same group pretending being any person at the bank... But unfortunately, no name from this moment had remember about me...

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