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mardi 17 septembre 2013

@End 2013, Madame Renata should give her Advice on terminaison of Embrosia Colony.

It's a signal travelling at the speed of light, coupled with Thorium Bar (Rhode ) merely similar to FM Transmitter, this one use Thorium or stable Uranium and receive dissoluted-signal and recombining itself after crossing few nanometer out of the Thorium Bar... This recombined signal merely similar to travelling at speed of light with worm-hole into «Big-H-Bar corridor transition » method a dissoluted signal recombine itself into magnetic variation causing high amplitudinal signal, the tiniest wave-range know lying around 10-20 Ghz... Almost why our technology beneath within range of 1- 20 Ghz in frequency and should overlaps over 100Ghz out of Beaconnian recombining protocols merely similar to DCF77 German NTP clock or Japaneses Radio Local Clock. 

It's like magic, we can communicate almost in real-time as far as 60 light-year away in real time... Keeping communication bridge in real-time and repositoring the whole internet in a week or a day, because Decay in dissolution is the Equal amount of energy spread, having move alpha-decay, will only mean transferring to an higher  rate... 

This is also just an importan message and and also the based broadband existing around all FM,AM,QAM transmitter that might be affected and being receiving  in same time... Around 1984-1985 we shall had a hack like this hearing all the same messages ( We are now leaving this broaden space and ... ). It easier on their side to enlarge a communication field than our to focus on Beaconnian dissolution/re-solution because we have to use acute uses of Nuclear energy and rdiant envirronement to control as simply as few nanometer wide coridor to change status of some lepton of actual remaining mater existing in this corridor and thus will recover from it's status way far, or far far away creating a signal with high amplitude... Caveat or not it's probably between feeling something becoming cracly while it shoud be bouncing and Something more elastic than usual while it should be weak and had not elasticity this apparatus just went out of idea of living million kilometer away and always calling mom for souper....

- Sorry Mom, I can be home tonight, i'm Still stuck here in Embrossia... 

And the message... It was already know and shall be only a remainder... This technique was not always existing and they should know it have some weakness... But interressed one might wage around Nova-Scotia stone-cave and find some-one intriguing asking about this beaconnian technique, shall be mastered by mankind from Embrossia ??? 

But the device, what can calculate such interleave between the receiver and the source acknowledging it might had communication pathway around all nuclear coumpound...

- First are we are only the only one nation had such-down permanently a nuclear reactor... Can Becancourt can interfer... Can Uranium nuclear reactor are only Oxygen spontaneous-combustion from Uranium producing Energy ?

- Which the only one precise light doing that ? Oxygen-Iode Based laser, A continuous pulse only last less than 30 secondes, so might had such type of uses 1/20 Ghz can be appropriate pulse duration !

-Basing this point view around annihilating Oxygen combustion can be a way to preserve some status in matter, Solid, liquid or O2 / O3 transition ; Around Uranium combustion in a safe widget...

Another After-fact, if this setup run a the speed of light, can the Oxygen-Iode based laser had to age or depleted ? It's suppose to be carried by energy equivalent to light and while traveling at speed of light, it's instant and there is no moment where the Oxygen-Iode Laser can broke, because there is no movement between the pathway fixed... Even us can't really move and according to some reference, travelling higher than 40% of speed of light our brain start flicking and stop transmitting information because there is not enough light particule present to reflect anything... Thus mean at this speed or in a magnet in levitation in a laser and mirror can produce light and reflection but will only capture or bouncing external light where in this case can carry exotic transfert and might damage a Oxygen-Iode based laser...

But probably not to tell you travelling at speed of light is like closing and opening eyes over 60 years of distance in a fraction... In fact we do not need to eat, to wait it's instant.

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