TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Falstad, antenna and Quad-voltage multiplier not giving correct answer.


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mercredi 25 septembre 2013

Falstad, antenna and Quad-voltage multiplier not giving correct answer.

Quite amazing , using a simple antenna of 0.2v, even a weak LED giving almost same voltage and 4 times quadruple voltage multiplier with Inductor binded like following schema, 100mH, 300mH, 500mH, 700mH or 1mH,3mH,5mH,7mH giving a voltage output of 11 to 21 volts... Might be the antenna bug recently erased from Boffin re-writing the code and not publishing correct observation:

By the way it's the falstad circuit simualtor, The 555-square wave oscillator work well in real-life ( I mean punching circuit on white board or soldering it... ). While it suppose to be binded the aneutronics corridor I'm building this cause me some question about inserting random variation inside a schema... The Amplifier class-D is just amazing and fuzzy something should come out of this...

Those have old Enenco MX-507, MX-6xx and MX-907 the big suite-cage to punch wire like we playing battle-war game is just like old read I found and try newbies things ... Cheaper than buying the oscillator, the monitor and ...

While some may forget, aneutronics reaction in electric schema always happen close to high-voltage region... But this one uses the Thorium to ensure a spreading of alpha-ray coming from the replacement of tantalum capacitor, it more jumping the action I'm looking for...

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