TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: The Irakian Karim Case, not even part of a Rho factor of discordance and conflicts


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lundi 30 septembre 2013

The Irakian Karim Case, not even part of a Rho factor of discordance and conflicts

Karim is an Irakian,

Meeted his wife here in Québec, working in Laval region he had a good life with his wife... Might have some sort of ancestry behind Muslim, he had study enough to understand all action are not Religious action and all status in a society is not devoted to be challenged by Muslim faith...

Karim had a wife with friend, who one day bring a friend really endocrined in many way inside same Muslim, and also help her hiding more than only religion... His wife bring the friend at home and discus with them and see friend's wife under another eyes... Wife friend just hiding herself and having lot to hide be cause she doing Illegal thing under this role of Muslim faith...

His wife ask to offend and even injurie the wife's friend after hearing what she is gulty of...

Karim speak honestly,
- I won't leave my faith for and offend any of you or her, but there is something existing here... Divorce and Psychiatric help were I should call them instead...

Might Karim will continue to practice his faith in this way because at this moment, understanding what is a Rho factor of discordance imply dismissing action of two and even more cause ( called theta of discordance ) ; Exercising a role of not entering in this realm help him to concentrate himself on real fact.

Why Karim not really doing a Rheault-Etccy Analysis today, he's doing great to communicate people hiding themself under ostentatious artefact...


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