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Like, Young's modulus is a vibrating variation inside a solid... The times it take to respanw to an excess of energy is what molding apparence may look to not-so solid thing's... Like this Blog when adding content, the effor is like slapping it and the time it goes back, centered... we consider being more stable than usual...

samedi 3 mars 2018

About Fnct.D

Here some description of my Fnct.D, imaginary or not... It does the job...

There is also postponing situation where this library should report be already in
use as "voluntary" effort. Somes have already discover this library as "potential"
artefact helping managing 'crisis situation', situation of 'imaginary backup' plan
where this library was involved ( and Unix / Linux as well ) as 'GOD'
administrative, decisive situation. We all know 'God hand' to give thing 'quasi'
instantly. This library help compressing Administrative task . Out of
conventionnal wisdom, talking about Administrative involve talking about an
economic role, function, it's licensing . This Economic ole like a Boss of a
compagny  is more subject to fit in the God pattern, offering a lifetime for a
worker spending thousands time it take to delivery what was asking and be
delivered years before it's completion. This semantic of 'God Action'
procuring way to 'get from future' and 'put from the past' is a realistic
action done over the internet because some way to acces to a point in time is a
procedural step introducing examples here in this library to show and uses
this ability for this library to mention. This start on showing you example on
how 'hacking' the PPP protocol driver from kernel to allow chaning the timeframe
from passing different time inside a specific field from Packet of PPP .

This was used, showed, done by hand in Canada, and still 'enrolled' inside this
point of view of having an existentialism and authentic view of yourself throught
this method of hacking kernel from Unix / Linux / BSD to allow Canadian radically
changed it's mind silently since 1979, and still made Canada aware about every
disaster.. We were waiting fort St-Helens eruption because we know the time
of the explosion...

But because I'm still in 2018 and still living in a minimalist sustainment mode
which not really deserving it's utopic changes, Canada still delay it's way to
help me helping survivor of this era. I should ask them to wait or to forward
yourself in the future to seek for future update for this period of time unless
I do receive some protective help.

mercredi 29 mars 2017

From Draw to gift.

At 6 years old, you don't have ability to draw reflect, translucency and many related presence of glass, under-water and reflect.

Found on Canadian site of crayola, a gist give to my hunt  in the early moment. At this age is twice hard to find good thing to draw and surely, good way to make proportion that make sense. This « Vase », it originally a «Crystal Vase » with dark roses... Really unpopular near 1986, it come out idea to draw a vase with the wallpaper of my original kitchen during this year. After looking out I do realize it fit more proportionally to latte of the curtain, making them open it's twice easy do draw until i do have to draw the "Really brown sideboard". I think it's probably the only one that fit with the remaining color left in the crayola pouch after a brother and sister wax-pen war that horribly end by helping «Mom» cleaning because I was not involved and I also haven't  tell them enough to stop throwing  all the crayola like missile.

The draw offer to my aunt for her birthday, contains couple of problems, probably re-edited, scotch-tape was used to hide the tear done by «waxing» in brown the sideboard draw over the acrylic-wool. My mother insist to say she have it buy, but having done couple of years before we move to this place. This acrylic-wool tablecloth contains squares pattern and lot of bigger-pattern and take so many times to make she definitively stop to embroider  for a while.

mercredi 22 mars 2017

SVG File, embedded, script, embedded event, embedded all !

Second Draft,  

Achieving good SVG and simply depend the amount of work and/or detail you want to put inside images. As example of Fnct.D diagram explained in chapter « 
Life Cycle in Preambule & Assertion with Prefixed-Variable of BoolVarTest
» from Readme of my github repository for Fnct.D, does include a lot of detail and lot of opacity effect to make user understand, it's image won't die by itself because it's out-of meaning and ... Sometimes Teachers have to get the cray  or the chalk-stick and surround the "Image" or the "meaning word" to show to student on what to focus when it's time to remind it and use teachers literature.  

Back to details outpost, and inkscape is a front-line master in this domain if you want to purely draw out of images and out of "concept", being complex and hard to handle first, it appear in life usability of having at least a Pentium-4, since my dual Pentium-III 700Mhz had problem to run old version of inkscape, made from hard and steady component, it's not heavier it becoming with times, but more stable since processor had specific processing instruction to make vector engine driving wild, and seems to depend on many layer whenever it's driven under Windows station, Linux Box... Or I do have to say it's Mac OSX which is missing personally occasion I did not taken, but surely it does work too. 

Having lesser details in mind like animating value in a schema, this Second draft of this news does include a big re-work of an Export engine achieved yesterday by applying a finishing touch to a Template to let it work correctly... The Application Dia, have severals plug-ins and does have few documents on complexes SWIG action heavily used inside this project since a decade and do have lot of incidence.... We can do about everything unless we haven't think to add it all in the transfert-layer... 

following document is a python Dia Plugin to insert inside plugin directory (from your home or from top directory from installation )
Or Part of my Github: ElectronicSheet

The goal of this improved Export-filter from Dia-diagram to SVG, it include what we calling the 'style' attribute, being heavily used inside inkscape and sodi-podi documents, it lighten the xml element. Since option in a graphic-vector are exactly like Style-sheet, they can be coded in term "option:value;" and can be added one after the other. In prime it also limiting the action in a DOM-document to not having too much attribute and option that belong to a graphic which can dynamically change.This require to application to relieve from 'style attribute'. 

So my version of become, and do transport information like stroke, font, filling information inside one attribute. Next imply developing the internal class SvgLxmlEngine to use lxml module know to etree ElementTree from «Stephan Richter», and existing from severals years, actually it only include fews component inside my class SvgLxmlEngine to demonstrate build of a xml element being addressed in SVG fashion, but intensively rebuild all the template by using a possible external infrastructure like database, xml coded in json, something useful to hold and grow with demand... As long it read the external information and generate a steady template like default made from initial modification can be reasonable. The point is to afford exploding the structure to let it possible to develop more plugin or uses advantage of 'GNU General Public License' to make even communication layer called 'begin_render', since I do have inspected the binding code from Dia from version 0.97.2 being using file in C++ called dia-render.cpp with it's include file, do have some modification thinked if I do want to transfert more information about Object Diagram.

Make Object Diagram reflected   

After few analysis, I do realize inside the Object itself, imaged from a Electronic Schema made from an LM317 example of driving Pulsed DC in 0-37 volts in differents ampere relation to distribute constant 'Ratting' operation in 'Watts' is speakless without attributing name to object... Making it addressing information like Chip voltage entry, resistor value, are common in an electronic box-project. Willing to demonstrate a simply sheet relation of LM317 and it's rating towards uses of severals transistors, making the sheet calculation and not to redraw the schema everytimes.... So exporting names may help putting 'ID' and/or 'NAME' attribute to export to SVG help "internal script" from script SVG support being present in SVG draft and over the internet in a web-page like showed with my jsfiddle (at the end of this news) shows the equations in SVG, The schema of the electronic schema and since the "First Draft" from my filter, it's twice easier to export a diagram and still have hand in the SVG data easily... 

Making it speak like the calculation ( talking about Voltage reference )... We always have less to touch since the formula is out unless this one is not TRUE ! 

So this filter will also have Window option to probably filter element and for wished one to add a specific ID or NAME.

First Draft,

Working through this Script-network friendly tight to github, google and many more cloud network. Some history toward first uses of where people do have everything embedded, but once at the time and require to work with JQuery and SVG.js does require yo do paste a script-file or link inside html windows... But giving only the link to you boss said, your job is done... Not at all, requirement are not embedded if you spout-it out in private place.

To test it out, It cost at least a hand, a pencil and the name of this website to test it's triviality.
 - What it's the name again:

You do know François Pérusse, he does a lot of song with only stroke like  « Fiddle, Twiddle, Dwiddle », can you write me down...

So with Forked work, It just end-up with first write-down of an Up-idea. Having SVG in hand and finally a computer that stand for the run. Outer of Sea-Monkey browser with incompatible XUL-Runner and Poor DOM from 2005-2007, ancestor of Mozilla version 12 to 30 does not support XUL under linux until 2008 and finally everyone going well and everything still like it was before they decide to put the plug out of W3C-DOM property.

So the Up-Idea is to conceive a formula, taken from datasheet, LM317T a preferred uses of this voltage-regulator  with resistor preset, have twice be tested with normal steady current, normal voltage, this Spring I do run a batch of 2.5 Volts solar panel to provide a fixed 174 millilamps with special NEC 5.5V capacitor around 2.2 Farad. Special because they are not cumulating in parallel and does have few extra chip embedded to detect rail-charge...  

So the Formula of LM317 is inside a Serial Vector and Graphic format. Dealing with the external formula computed inside a Javascript formula, I do think to make this SVG interactive and do come with Reference voltage to 0.00 volts inside the document, but embedding my javascript, JQuery and SVG.js  inside it (because content of the svg/html can be read directly by inkscape ) and thus produce a file loadable by the browser and does have an interaction and does warn you the Reference voltage still to 0.00 volts and you do see the Image changing it to 1.25 volts the nominal answer from the datasheet.

The only one reason why I did not start making this formula out of MathML another clumsy plug-ins that do take couple of hours to uses (if it's still exist in 2016), but 2006 version does require a lot of patience to write down equation from a browser plug-ins. And does not ensure have it ready to process information, but simply to print it out from PostScript. While having open and conform idea, it push this chip to be know a little bit. It's still an idea the current and voltage are separate calculation while it does have to remain in a multiples variables solving equation. My actual TI-36X pro have it's numeric solver, and do report both current and voltage over solving R1 and R2 from this formula... Nothing more than Secondary fiver 536-Math courses come back, with handy drawer against L.R.S. ( Logarithmic Recursive Solving ) , I think ... Across a curve from different domain it reduce the information until a valid domain give same answer of same logarithmic scale... Because it's far two solve it easily in 536-Math, we do solve this theorem through hyperbolic function. I think it's the value extrapolation come far to infinite and it's easy for some to understand they haven't use the correct curve...

Back to this SVG, the final answer make it possible to change the value from the id 'VectorFormula' was not to load it from SVG, Object SVG( ), but processing with standard JavaScript document.getElementById, and putting an id to a text region called 'vref', this one can be accessible from attribute 'textContent' which is the special attribute and not 'value' to read the text value. Changing the value does require to to accept on second line of html code to put the «SVG.js», version 2.5.0 inside script and add the version 3.1.1  of JQuery, and simple call

« $(document).ready(function(){$("tspan#vref").text( IntVref.toString() ) ;}); »

While on my github :
The file is present and interactive. 

And all the magic does something in making image interacting.

- Updated 2017-03-24, 22h00, EST, script. - Updated 2017-03-24, 22h50, EST, script. - Updated 2017-03-29, 15h00, EST script. version 150 - Updated 2017-05-05, 22h20, EST script. version 175 (Require to select the Result case to see the result...)

vendredi 17 février 2017

Carl Rheault.Etccy, cette Connivence /kɔnivɑ̃s/

De ce qui a pu arriver et observé de si proche que je peu parlé d'évènements qui sont dans le présent et d'entendre, du murmure et de parole à basse voix n'aura pas de parcours que l'instant présent. 

Cette même petite face dont tous refusaient de croire qu'il grandira. On lui réserva les arnaques classique du petit « autiste » sans défense et pouvant comprendre et surtout de refuser d'aller dans la mauvaise direction. 

A une journée ou cette chère tante jouant un rôle de communicatrice et de pedo- psychiatre n'aurait-elle pas enfreint les règles de distribuer le dénouement et l'évolution de cette petite face à d'autre semblable prêt à le remplacer, venant de ce beau mystère de la technologie à offrir a tous ce genre de vie. Dévolue et pleinement saisi de vos futures actions ; Qui ne cessait de poser des questions et de poser de grand regard sur l'état des choses. Il fût et sera le seul, cet invité informé de cette particularité, puisqu'il devra être le ou les prochains à bâtir autour de lui la suite de cette aventure. 

D'une interprétation externe venu d'un regard de la situation avec autant daguet il fût pour son lexique de 2 à 3 ans il écouta attentivement le nouveau le saisir d'un tout nouveau mot: 

- la Connivence, essai de le dire avec moi.

Il du le prononcer avec autant de lenteur qu'il lui à été dicté et se remémora vaguement ce mot. A son départ il fredonna le mot entre-coupé d'autre mot et dû difficilement être capable de le redire... 

Est-ce 35 ans plus tard, est-ce celui qui fût capable de dire qu'il « pense au mot » pour qu'il y ai de la place pour se souvenir de ce mot. 

Par combien de reprises, entre les recettes de champagnes, et de définition étendue des non-membres du Barreau, des définitions pèle-mêles entre des titres de films, des évènements non-loin semblable, des associations à des évènements non point arrivé, mais arrivant tel une séquence de temps s'ajouta a ce défilement du temps a-t-il pu bien faire office de cette    « Connivencité » ?

Par « Connivence », les gens qui ont vécue avec un petit-blond qui appelle lorsqu'il part pour dire qu'il arrive ; Qu'il vous demande les numéros de loterie au téléphone et incite pour les résultats obtenues dans le journal, le terminal vôtre internet et non le bout de papier que vous avez reçu qui vous dit que vous avez un numéros gagnant ; Qu'il se réfère à des sources d'informations qui n'ont pas encore existé et qu'il donne la trace comment les extraires ; Qu'il puise dans de biens futures souvenir pour vous assuré un instant présent exempt de présomption ;  A-t-il bien pu avoir pour renforcer la relativité du temps à l'expression «d'avoir une portée » si il s'agit d'avoir un média pour en étendre sa propagation.

Est-ce qu'il y a une aberration, regardez plus loin c'est voir ce qu'il y a plus tard, porté l’oreille au loin c'est entendre ce qui arrivera. Le « Maintenant, le temp réel » s'effondre-t-il au delà de son lui-même.

De grâce que je n'ai pas de plus large oreilles, ou de trop tard je pourrais entendre et de trop loin viendra les nouvelles .

Cette connivence.

lundi 16 janvier 2017

Makefile for Fnct.D and rolled-out Variable FILE_SIGNATURE known 14 years in advance.

Since Fnct.D was developed, it was already used by developers, Network administrator and many I.T. professional. Stated for January 17, 2017, a makefile will be issued for developers / Network administrator, to use this beta-test bash functionality in theirs daily tasks. The project it still not ready but can extend having a simplest as is should be a and conform to (POSIX.2) it should be trivial to use candy coming from this installer. 

Use of this make file allow an easy way to install bash Library function created and require to clone at least the git-code coming from A specific branch named MakeFileInstaller is properly added to not make perturbation the master branch.

This makefile also provide essential addition to your '.bashrc' to Load Library by opening a bash shell and Adding the common Variable loader applied by important function theirs version naming. It's True Fnct.D does have many function from version 0.0.0 to 0.0.3 and deal with integration, use of similar application compiled in gcc or either better or extended function. Know to be in the 2017 schedule, akin and offer an M.R.U. engine in some application generating standard output on steady form does provide exact form based by called Prefixed-Variable and based on this similarity it will throw out information from the M.R.U. Instead, looking in datafile of Sha1um index from facility to save time in already generated solution. We are sure M.R.U. will not applied to GetOtherDate function, but internal function from GetOtherDate using TagParser function will use the M.R.U. engine to restore modal form created by user. M.R.U. stand for (Most Recent Unit), And this engine should be called from Call_Argument which is one important to declare which version you want to use by calling the Library Loader with appropriate version for CallArgument.

README.rst from Fnct.D project is present and will explain this effort and official Branch to load before updating. The rest of the makefile will create link from your Fnct.D Library to the /etc in appropriate path of /etc required to work. Since bash profiling is possible inside /etc/profile.d and main profile inside /etc/profile , bash completion is a script inside /etc/profile.d and all function made is possible to have their Prefixed-Variable completion by loading Function services by calling a function with '--compword' will give ability to type your function name (example GetOtherDate ) and press 'TAB' and all Prefixed-Variable from  GetOtherDate will apear like bash completion. But I'm pretty sure ZenityBuildForm is better to design a correct uses of Fnct.D componnent. Allowing them to store your query, they become certified and might reduce risk to call them in the wrong way. It's also what is proposed in makefile creation (later in this chapter), to generating makefile from Certified command from uses of GetterByLineData that do read SHA1SUM certificate from ZenityBuildForm generated command, and may enforce integrity of creation paradigm to a more pleasant way.

Now About FILE_SIGNATURE from this make file.

Role of a specific item: FILE_SIGNATURE.
As mentioned, FILE_SIGNATURE is known for at least 14 years in advance an do have to play with Canadian rules of the providing the Network. Whereas allowing to higher instance of this members like Ottawa Data council and Supreme court as well to have immediate access to information and does not consider to infringing « Nature » accessing to Future information since methodology exists and our environment allow accessing information in different moment of the past and future.

So FILE_SIGNATURE is nothing more than a clean wrapper to distribute known information in TEXT nor CODE or Assembly information. 14 years early unknown computer instruction like x84_64 coming from ABI64 under linux was present but not in form Hardware. Compiler and environment was ready to emulate or offering a support for ABI64 but natively not offering it. However offering a cleaner way to «Code the instruction », does make GCC compiler creating more realistic way to convert 'C' code to Assembly and vice versa. Making GCC becoming an hardened platform to support whats coming out from future, indeed.

So like identity shelve, FILE_SIGNATURE is nothing more than a know identity like a key in a realm allowing to provide « unmodified » Instruction toward a past compiler that may not support it. NASM targeted (under name Intel Netwide Assembler) have surely adapted since signed filed offered are to be unprotected and do come from a mechanical process to offer whats lying in ABI32 and ABI64 Kernel call that haven't changed since we do are aware of this statement:

- A «Kernel call» is nothing more than a command called by assembly-call using resource from « unistd.h » header defined. Having opacity and procedure to respect it's surely a knowledge to aforementioned «Kernel call» may deserve using strict condition may result in illogical consequence like :
  1. Right restitution is good in file creation, and in process spawning.
  2. Execution statement is calling internal process and does require a «Right restitution»
  3. Hard-coding the right to a default value like '0' does only interfere creating root value attribution. 
  4. Leaving the execution by not returning to your initial User value is called Shell spawning and Unix/Linux will not oppose this since It's security concern and user and right management.
Following this methodology it's clear offering Assembly instruction which still working in 64-bit mode does not prove overpassing the user-right but lacking in user-management which require to theses example to already make a chown (Change owner) to root.${USER} the compiled file and chmod (Change mode) '+s' to the executable created, which require higher privileged to made it possible. So it's nothing more than calling the essential within '/usr/bin/su' and  '/usr/bin/sudo'. Strict user with profiled protection against access to login shell inside /etc/shells and limited bash access to not use the root access does not fall into a 'root' access with this example provided as TEXT and with FILE_SIGNATURE allowing you to read the file and do the compilation from comment left inside the TEXT. As well other modification like adding a copy of the 'shell' and changing permission and owner from a direct «Kernel call» are not in our subject but remain the same way in neglecting a Assembly call in a conformed system.

So this is also neglected Assembly provided in parallel showing example offert in NASM format and GAS from Gnu Assembler that simply forbid this call and throw a segmentation fault instead. It's true, TEXT information from conversion from NASM Assembly from a security specialist in Northern California does provide these information since 2003 in Canadian Library .

lundi 26 septembre 2016

A « Dream Once », being paid for...

Apparently, being a Network Administrator and/or Developper does not exempt you to answer question on developed code... Coming from out-of-this time code SHALL NOT be exempted ... Even the one you create Ten or Thirteen year later as long it's interpreter exist, you do the Same, like robot does for Skynet, Genesis, you interpret and explain it to the person intended to use it...

At this time near 2001/2002, the code is compatible with BAsh 2.02 from Fedora Core and Fnct.D was able to load among couple of person reading the effort inside the README.rst from this GitHub... It's concept like any book we do never see it's his conception phase, any draft come in plain and ready to make a O'Reilly , but a book can not exist without having a story and a story can not begin before the event is created... Some say no, it can be be published before

Code can Be ready, Like Cython for Python programmer does have the reputation to exist before Cython was ready.... Do we have used James Webb to look so far in the universe to find out a Black-Hole related gravity Curve to point on the shoulder reader of a future Book on spatial reflection of ....  Earth, Communication already does why not this view ...

So creating a Parody like Essay on what Creator leave before it become a steady and readable book, I do Dream over exemple that pay attention being some web server slowing down where I was working for being the only one un Universe delivering a clear example of Apply and Revert of Bash Ulimit example based on Fnct.D Artefact, call « UlimitSystem  » ...

Reading out of limb of the Other member from the Network Administrator book, developing readable Code is *** thousand TIME's *** important, informations too left on the GitHub Readme managed by the Public Owner exporting the information and protecting my Avatar from other... I do read out informations the Administrator was brew in the traduction and does asking about uses of this widget...

Informing that He does show me something, whitout reading all the code I do asnwer it it come with helper like 'UlimitSystem --help' ... By enlarging it's GTK-Terminal I do read the helper and says about lucky he is having a version with Name, Synopsis, summary, Description, why not reading all the pre-face it come with...

By confirmation of it's act we do understand the application does a self-pass altering the UlimitSystem Were in 2002, unlimited ratio was not feasible with Fedora and RedHat and dare having flush somes Apache log being life-time of process in memory.... We were silently conclude on side to side, It may apply and maybe irrational configuration may bring the system clumsy.... After all it's the limitation of user connecting to the server we focus on load-average and does overflow when unused cycle are wasting for less important thing... Gathering about essay already done by hand He confirm me we do have to save the informations of ulimit before doing our test and heard about 12 yours of time for process like apache-log do collect the log and store it on a separated space... They are working 23 hours a day and slicing down on process in this way do confirm why we deal with irrational configuration. And you haven't save it ? Confirming this was entirely formated and the guy beleive my application was flopping about everything I do confirm My Fnct.D does exist maybe a week or so on one of the 3 Web server in parallel at my job before I does draw back and reding it on it's own station and does understand it's only action from it's hand that lead to a slow down... Does he have power to send ssh-connect and changes of it on other station It's like the dream from this application to be a setup ready changing performance... not to bottle-neck but to priorize like backuping station and do decrease ulimit for a user to let the user backupworking faster is directly the type of virtual action prone by ability to restore an/or offer other priority turn....

So debugging something existing before it was done may have giving me dream and question until near end of October the Ulimit-System is one of the most completed task and updated to possess Start-Services, Stop-Services, documentation, probably because it was the Top-First action in time for gainning performance ...

(( News about Public Owner's in my direction will, confirm in early June of 2015 right to manage my Security in regard of The Public Owner's was moved to a flavoured Friend ( Thinking out Rock ) ; Confirming it's the Greatest of All, I do already give him a Wining Lottery Number which was entitled during Cegep around 1999 to ensure you do have to Spend for All the occasion ; The cause of the move and it's probably because My «Nth-parent» are making conflicts and refusing to understand the Truth even couples month before this Visit in Quebec city... And avoiding bigger conflicts naming another responsible for this Role is normally something to do If some have somes responsibility being this crisis ... ))

lundi 22 août 2016

We must remain short, not spending time with, Information technology - Codes for the representation of human sexes

Browsing first line of an OID browser, looking for some SNMP number we fall to the beginning of the Tree by error and what are able to see, Electronic topology start with 1.0.5218 for Sexe Interchange Format which mean....

You do have an electronic tools like sophisticated eyes brushing tools to do both hiding, reduce wrinkle for men and do a normal eyes brushes image before and after does an equivalent snmp trigger if you touch button Male/Female, because we are all knowing an eyes brushing for female is explicitly hiding everything .... Knowing Channel Eyes Brushing is ultimately a tools appearing in end 2020 for using technology between electric presence sensor based on touch-screen tactile sensor and in air-electric sensor made from surface electri-grid over this touch screen can make dot representation of any human part a.k.a. sensitive one like eyes and peripherical region. 

While this standard present mean
1       -> iso(1)
0.      -> standard(1)
5218 -> human-sexes
  ASN.1 form calling it "Sexe Interchange Format"

Does only answer to Four( 4 ) important rule to standard 

  1. - reduce the time required to record and/or format the representation of sexes and transmit the corresponding data;
  2.  - improve clarity and accuracy of interchange
  3.  - minimize the amount of human intervention required for communicating the representation of sexes; and
  4. - reduce costs.
For explainning a case based on fact One :
- Which mean we are not keeping explicit exception and even Listenning Denis Levesques and asking in what case we should keep it record of sex-change problems... Category called Not known(0) or Not applicable(9) is classified by CRTC when someone ask it should who it should concern...

 Meanwhile, Ste-Marie from ST-George does as a pitfall on way things are classifies and rely from lost region around Center of quebec had problems with television itself and every time a Civilian walk in this path should fall during Diner ( 4 to 6 o'clock PM ) and still eating at St-Hubert and do listening this  TV show being classified corretly by CRTC, being handled by Some One at Barreau du Quebec but did not make for all emission.... A problems in group-corpuscular right handling... But had understand finally why it's like that...
Statistic does also support clarity, like question what gender you do like :

  1. Not known 0 (zero)
  2. Male 1 (one)
  3. Female 2 (two)
  4. Not applicable 9 (nine)

If you download the ISO_IEC_5218_2004(E_F) both in "français" and english it also inform topology of this choice is really there is more men answering to an electronic widget, statistic have to face a choice upon a logical code to rpresent men as Number One and Female in Number 2... But privacy statement for "Not Know" is still best Number one in statistic in regard to some statistic firm have cease to ask for intimacy statement and, probably more statistic feeder punch the "Not Know", an old case know from friend had spend time in statistic firm.

Case 3 is annoted today by doctor that do ask this only once Upon you open the subject again... By using doctor term does also represent psychiatrist. 

And several information are available inside this document ISO_IEC_5218_2004(E_F) / Information technology — Codes for the representation of human sexes and if you can read inside there is a specific image notation called BlissSymbols founded by Charle K Bliss in foundation of deaf and half-impaired but inside this document it's a contribution of Shirley ( Shirley McNaughton and/or Paul Marshall ) Here the link to Bliss Symbols Organization.
It's somewhat strange Bliss Symbols have been inserted inside piloting artifact inside movies Elysium, while it's punched in Russian symbols, there is other character on many push button widget really similar to Bliss Symbols. While most of widget are plane or futuristic plane, Elysium is itself an Elite artificial human satellite where technology are kept for richest people, they have all coded with Bliss symbols too... 

jeudi 21 juillet 2016

End of the watchfulness "/ˈwɒtʃfʊlnɪs/", Network Administrator @( VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design )

As They provide...

- They provide me all the tools I do require to provide the best I can get .
- I do provide even beyond what promised as Network monitor and Network Administrator. Furthermore to read this news beyond the time I do write it.
- Giving consumption timeline 3 days in advance, It's only civilian and expert that can do this ... 
- Working in a clean environment, I shall not forget :
 - the Viarail-student project delivered with my own code instead of PHP page never published by called mentored group working with another company hosting Tucows and lots of Domain Name Guys working with Netmarketing solutions and are deliberately  un-cooperative and end in conflicts in hand-by-hand and get pushed out, literally to reject outside the establishment by coders groups and one of the associate.
- Providing management and retirement solution; they manage my records of  Revenu du Québec and Revenu du Canada to provide me a private retirement, for an ageless civilian and somewhat eternal.

As They respond...

- Starting July 21 2016, is the conclusion of this biggest chapter in communication group with civilian working in a top-singular reality.
- Fact of VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design, is en entity managed with civilian and advocate, The "Barreau Du Québec" have to ratify this elements come out of the Crown, an apparatus to allow only one company being subscribed to this organisation of "Barreau Du Québec" as key elements in rights to manage civilian right man devotion, related to me as well .

As They offer...

- They offer investment to be released soon, starting on 21 July 2016 to be the choosed day, they have also the right to throw inside my wallet the "Monetary mandate", of fews golden nugget I think(1)

- Associate with many company, they already retired me and Shall have a Proof.

As They See...
Myself is entering in conflicts with Time(2), had contributed to provide a free winning lottery ticket to one of the member, being sited close to it after he receive a call of me 3 days early. This day , a Sunday and cloudy day, I was unable to connected in the Sunday Time and can only report the information of the Wednesday, calling by phone I do retrieve couple of number and my hand in the lottery contest, was holding the winning number for two full day and do contains about 2 millions give to the guys who give me the lottery number.  Only for a database problems....It's another candidate to observe why only
VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design shall ratify the permanent reason why I do not really need to contribute in this Canadian Society as worker. We do manage data thru Ottawa Online Data management, but having an accurate management of even incident of what I'm doing all alone....

1:  The real amount is not showed and seems to be information desperabely loosen by some one stealing the mandate-deposit paper and try to cash-it thru HSBC, a big story never revealed. 
2: Time like Space Time and Time fluctuation where it show my own weight is subject to throw away electromagnetic flux away by 2 or three days in future... 

mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Crown whispering an Annoncement to All

Dear Custodian and Tuon,

This last 3 years are the success of registration of my location, beneath to introduce the extension of property wisdom like Tulip bought by Queen Wilhelmina of Pays-bas, Caspien and Twile had introduce Hemp And envenomness flower upon manipulation by our Civilian President action on daily gardening task. Enforcing the crown civilian to operate twice in survey, it envenomn by primate manipulation or any Custodian and Tuon pulling-off the flower or even cutting it. Successfully produced 100000$ in 2 fines distributed in close environment, I shall conclude it should remain a such task to protect such important flower that even require radioactive material to grow more easily...

Dear Civilian of the Crown,

The enforcement of my action to grow protected species suppose to be in action since 2009 and going well. I do appreciate the task done since the enforcement of my location on any Hemp flower being planted by myself. I do produce a low tea-oil smell by smoking it and or drinking it. It does not produce venom if collected by me and seem to not becoming dangerous by intake. However it does contains radioactive material or might collect it. We do understand molten salt from passive nuclear reactor are granted to become another essential fertilizer to become standard in exotic plant grow, but we do have worry. I do especially  that all action made by close Civilian act as advocate for this task and tank's contributive custodian to contribute.

Notice, starting to midnight 14 July and 17 of July 2016, Shall Be he time to act and promote civilian to a much more pleasant future. In a near future I should discuss on re-activation of mass-execution if shall save time for those working hard .

Here a look to a short survivor of the two plant ; To be know has recedivist, He did own it's fine of 50k$ and seem to act twice. Not beleiving in it's rehabilitation, I do doubt seem him hiding himself in College rank until he found an entry and re-educate that Tuon can be a waste of time, sincerely, it depend on all Citizen of the crown to decide, a second attempt is a second offence. 

vendredi 8 juillet 2016

It's 4 o'clock tea after all

Remarkably lost in America until we do prefer uses of Sativa and Amerindian and Aztec root to cultivate really large sheet to produce cigar-like hemp. We do also loosed in our own yard We loose the harmless effect of Hemp in tea. Even bought hemp kernel out of House of tea to get our harmless Hemp grow.

Mastered by English physician are centenary and know uses of hemp are oldest as uses of Tea. And Hemp/cannabis are know from them since the Indian annexation of Great-Britain, and were uses in conjunction of tea. Those know what is a Tea-Tree is initially a plant that grow up and becoming strong enought to resist to dryness and cold temperature know in high-mountain. Coming out of Indian, hemp also had property toward Indica uses. Those where straining Stevia to not produce sativa had also same story toward reducing or increasing Indica inside Tea for increasing pleasure and laugh.

Tea story reveal and appeal greatest colonist and botanist. To grow them on their land rather than exporting it from Indy. Before adopting the Orange Peacock tea, Marvelous Tea is also a old topic mastered during English course of Secondary 2 with the tallest man in school, measuring 8 feet 2 inches, it's brother twice tall had also to throw golf-bal every times he smell a big-joke lying around...

While Orange Peacock Tea had to be adopted, Marvelous Tea's was also it's predecessor hold few sheets by thousand of hemp for all accommodation to mother maiden nature to render Britain drinking their tea the under rain, under fog. Harvesting positive feeling "Marvellous Tea" had origin a ratio of 1 sheet os hemp/chanvre by thousand sheet of tea. Giving a smiling, once the acetaminophen origin change the smiley or the "Marvelous" feeling into single cramps.... So it's deprivation of Tylenol can let your experiment that old feeling...

Also from Alice series, The eggs being represented by it's Strong Idea of Father walking on a line  like walking on a top-wall. He does report inside chapter "King's Oyster and Lemon Marvellous Tea" :
- That tea is good for you not for me. I do not need to show sign of my emotion at this time they are already know. Fruitful for the family.
- But your dear being so young and haven't expressed one natural smile. I do live here more time here to understand it's not temperature that left you un-smiley.
- So it's good for you that tea for the smile it give you...

So far so good, I do have to apologize for lack of knowledge for all reader around my family haven't catch any expression toward such memorial of Alice and it's Wonderful land, prior to be young and un-expressive, she live inside a natural way to procure feeling rather to test first series of asylum anti-depressive pill made out other flower also extracted from Indy and populated in Israeli.

Here some memory in case that "Marvelous Sativa Lemon Joyce", doest have to be pull-off like weed.

Alice in Wonderland 
 Being rated highest and pricest hemp family that Crown reduce price to a wonderfull under 100 buck per distribution. We do agree, this flower had to be taked young before starting to make oil or, Tea is oily and un-smokable. What the Chenille a.k.a. it's mother had to report toward King Oyster and Marvelous Tea Sheet:

- You can let them grow in your yard if your are doubtful to not coming from maiden nature...
- This sentence can be "Stuffed" of "Indeed", why...
- She personally building it's imaginary-garden of mother and father feeding out reputation of both uses of mushroom and hemp into a fairy-tale, rather than really feeding mushroom and hemp for self satisfaction...

Eating fairy literacy indeed, Agree chasing out rabbit because another meal will come in few hours, 3 times a day... 

Really under-survey it's some picture coming from accommodation

English Side and American Side, Peeting For...

Unfortunately, rupture of Great-Britain did not have any side effect, but offering wide range of Crown-citizen and Federated member aim to reluct and establish in "Real" London, shall have their chance to avoid a similar case of evasive Greece citizen quitting their land for economic context. London should have to modify it's internal adoption politic to prevent loosing citizen... 

Having another turn, on British story, it's something American had learn by the past, waiting to get serve, getting out of economic crisis, and at least developping their own tongue instead of lowering theirs expression. Ultimately, Trainspotting is deliberately developped after the British had leaved the European Union... Removed from original movie, Inside introduction of "Trainspotting" after show-up of an apartment in non-fortunate region of side-London, they start there movie with following quote: "After economic strike of Quitting the Union"... If you do member the carton series "Il était une fois l'Espace" made around 1981 with Robert Barille. The Robotic Strike On Omega start with mention of European Union Showing the map and mention British and separated...

Petting for another dish ...

It's probably what everyone should have to do on continental Breakfast on board of your annual

- We do learn it from Sam's the records man's, "Breakfast Mode" talking strikingly of are we are serve all t the sames or not... 

Related German Story to serve in group and England to get serve as soon as possible. Continental Breakfast on a ship is a long story with Susan Suto, Michel Louvain during "Operation Enfant Soleil" on biggest ship St-Lawrence river had accost with all the cooked eggs they can order... 

Old Fashion Crescent with 
yellow-eyed egg's is 
contemporary continental 
American Breakfast.  

Petting for side Effect...

Also Available in News: "It's 4 o'clock tea after all", we are all looking for side effect and unattended news I dare to not suffer from, blindness in uses of modafinil uses. Severely questionned for woman uses and prescription in sex change, uses of modafinil is reduced to Nill due to desoxy-nation of in sex change is impairing permanently sight. Will in medium term and one-use term it feeding the cell-mitochondria wich suppose to be partial in vision-cell found inside eyes. Mitochondria being partial to primate is also a phenomenon observed allowed to lighten the cell and let have property to accept light more easily... Blind person impaired by first uses of modafinil report being able to see after hours or two...  Where I'm not touched by this relation own full-renewable cell in eyes, vision-cortex and vision-nerves, They are also full-sized cell. 

- Sides Effect mastered by English physician are centenary and know uses of hemp are oldest as uses of Tea. And Hemp/cannabis are know from them since the Indian annexation of Great-Britain, and were uses in conjunction of tea. Those know what is a Tea-Tree is initially a plant that grow up and becoming strong enought to resist to dryness and cold temperature know in mountain, in hight. Coming out of Indian, hemp also had property toward indica uses. Those where straining Stevia to not produce sativa had also same story toward reducing or increasing Indica inside Tea for increasing pleasure and laught. 

Remarkably lost in America until we do prefer uses of Sativa and Amerindian and Aztec root to cultivate really large sheet to produce cigar-like hemp. We do also loosed in our own yard We loose the harmless effect of Hemp in tea. Even bought hemp kernel out of House of tea to get our harmless Hemp-tea being pull-up miserably like weed. 

This year it's an accommodation or compromise. Everyone who accept to, had drink this tea and did not notice any side effect and shall promote it to something that do not old any THC... Advised by glandular preventive synthroidale consumer, light obesity, an light diabetic, some one almost normal. What a type of council we have to face just to let it grow, not consume it, to let it grow...

Petting for questionary...

Is also the Azima favourite expression toward a client in a call centre that spend half-hour to ask only question about it's Bell Numerical account.

Petting for Services...

Is The nominated-one, For serving for 2 mandates with FBN-financial, and communicating with American for unlocking international access to commercial account. being under survey for aged-tools OIQ had hand-in and continue to be a big problems, I was prompted and sacked unless the direction did notice it's usual to talk each other of Old-root american authorized to call FBN services to have ton's of question. Every times I put the feet in I'm invited by such director and notice there is a permanent conflicts between me and indirect-superior. I do also have to confirm that I want to work and want to accomplish this mandate or the sign with Assurance-Emplois for an exception... Petting for services is not an offensive expression, uses on the floor as well.   

mercredi 29 juin 2016

Another Sheet Calculator, just before Fnct.D Single Side Server.

The Rainy day and all behind Ottawa Online Data Conservation... 

It's our way to fulfill the timeline, Browsing data from past, future. Only have to loop your eth0/wlan0 interface into ppp mode with parameter of SETPPPDATE and shall let you see what's in the future.... Unfortunately if your are asking yourself why your 6/49 winning ticket extracted from SETPPPDATE of day in future does not reward to you and goes directly to Ontario. Because I do published the truth and some trying it, or read it from a satan Kit... Percent of it goes into organization if you do cheat... There is ton of thing to do rather than trying to win a lottery... But some has even invent reality, the one we are in...

Ok it's true, some have reported to have already in hand Fnct.D trial, code and scheme in hand as sooner as 2003-2004 , even if the workable development of this Shell Library was officially lunched in late 2012, they do have question and lot's of trial with Gnome and KDE vlc version where it's not stated to own decent text interface. At this moment in 2003/2004, they do had problems with LUA interface in many environment. Apparently Windows version did not suffer from it. Hopefully they don't or How I had power to develop in 1998 and 2010 had the power to develop and handy Text-transfert application made out Auto-IT that improve text-pasting for password problems over many Terminal screen, including "La centrale" and all T1, T2 locking problem. Even performing pasting for logging  into Windows Shell Terminal. But nightmare still the official BNC main application, made out fortran like environment, they not throwing information about focusing on the

For Fnct.D

Talking strictly, Fnct.D should introduce something else as services and Zenity UI to manage information, to transport-it like interaction socket and attended example should start with VLC and it's main text lua interface starting while open vlc in terminal mode. It doest work to uses NC (Called NetCat ) has fifo piper of information and send it to the command line using Pipe for linking the fifo and the application and throw the information back to the fifo where application NC showing the result after connection.

Essentially it manage the following line, managing the fifo, the application and playlist, parameter from NC and important information to understand toward TCP buffer and time interaction by connection. 

### Managin the fifo
rm -f __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ ;
mkfifo __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ ;
### Services in Internet interaction
__HANDLER__ __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ | __VLC__ __PLAYLIST__ | nc -lk -i 1 -I __TCP_BUFFER__ -p __PORT__ __IP__ > __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__
### And showed in much better form and possibly implement other services ....
Once here doing wrapper to handle Rate management by detecting the bitrate can look like this

echo "rate 0.88" | nc p __IP__ __PORT__

 ### So the day yo do plug your computer to a Stereo Boosted by unknow
### Darlington Pair and can't enter in your house because Speaker are
### rumbling enough to become ear-impared , you do this command line
### instead...
echo "volume 10" | nc p __IP__ __PORT__

Back to our Electronic Stuff

Here future Electronic Sheet. Initial version inside does hold error inside javascript and render the application useless... Unless they do introduce the change.... I do Introduce other Stuff, like Voltage reference is calculate over 1.25 Volts and the internal datasheet allow calculation over 1.2 to 1.3 as long you do respect some information look toward Shema 3 called Standard Test Circuit inside LM317 datasheet from ON Semiconductor.

Here Some advantage to use this future publication. Having the Vref to change if you dare to take advantage of High-current, imply uses of darlington pair. Look inside inside S.T.C.(*1) for duty cycle to reduce electric-accretation, S.T.C(*1). Secondly to use what will be called Electronic Sheet inside Sub-Blog of this will be called AtLeastItMustGetresult(*2)
  Respect to the autor of ; Akin to doubt working in Canada in Electronic Shop, I do have to confess, triplet of 2N3055 is not a Darlington. Has long you do telling me if inductance can correct this and decrease heat on the rail. Phenomenon corrected on previous publication, and having time to wire wound of ( Tin-Gold-Copper wire from Addisson. ) Professional uses for Music had changed Ohms/m For it skin effect and inductance as well. Or uses Copper from Electrovox which is melting if you do put a flame on to unskin it from it's epoxy ... Unforgettable silicone baking sheet for this task...
(1): S.T.C.: Stand for Standard Test Circuit, referred to LM317 Figure 3 Standard Test Circuit is used to Calculate the Current Load with Pulse of 1% duty cycle. 
(2): AtLeastItMustGetresult: A New blog to hold permanent Electronic Process like this Electronic Datasheet. Our own Blue Book, in memory of Capitaine Star and Second Officer Scarlette Father's Which had same expression and denoted a bull-headed and clear-headed attitude, where both Scarlette Father's hided "Grand Bazaar Black-Hole SpaceShip" inside a catalog as gift for her and Capitaine Star hided information toward federation for unruly boated SpaceShip ; They Both Stated it Should : At - Least - It - Must - Get - Result - to - have - a conclusion. Expression from Capitaine Star coming from 1st season which is not available anywhere on earth by now and only few like Me does remember.

jeudi 25 février 2016

Weekly build, LM317T internals circuits over Falstad project.

Weekly build in a hobby leisure is also having all your component being on your table and be ready to put the gun, the pencil or the mouse over your first part of your project.

Achieving the 3 and half month on intense testing of the Darlington project, the pin-out board hadn't burn and no transistor are exceeding the temperature range. Remembering the 4 x 2n2222 transistor used to charge capacitor from wide range. The final decision will consist to profit of the cladding effect to pump energy even from emitter trigger from this schema help to charge. This time we improve the vision of what is working toward getting a energy conversion between an error committed during reparation of the primary part hook to the positive voltage regulator, darlington and the board which is generally a photo-flash and consist to be a bunchs of resistors calculated in M Farad a capacitor hold the charge... Believing previously it can be the resistor of the clad taped-transformer acting like clipper can consist dividing the electromagnetism emitted by my 100 watts iron, bu finally it's during soldering and touching the composite called focus inside a « modern walton-crockroft » voltage doubler equivalent being found inside the schema that may compromise state of the electricity and possibly profit from cumulating effect to light-up the led indicator . Looking for what was connected it stop 30 sec after I turn the iron off. Not so far from Tesla story , today story whiteboard is consecrated to the LM317 had probably a good current and voltage regulation, it may prevent energy to jump from the Vout to Vin thru all the schema yield inside datasheet. Hopefully I found one holding at least farad and resistor values. Either having not the Beta-Hfe, nothing is perfect.

So here the 40% of the work, and will be put only at the end of the work. This time I do have couple of idea to attach and test if it does something that make sense... I do also have to patient couple hours if it's not a day to had a complete 30 seconds of observation but may help to understand that 29 transistors being bind in a TO-220 3 pin box...

Being idea of the LM317, and it's brother LM338 which is a bit more powerful, we can believe it's a nominal pieces in battery replacements. Having idea how police car computer can cost a lot to replace and battery being it are not expecting to be power with inverter without affirming it's also a car battery it should cost too in replacement having to drawn 75, 150, 300 watts all the time, alternative like plugin a LM338 with 3, 4 or 5 output of generally 3.5 to 4.2 volts with 500 to 800 milliamperes, it's a task both LM317 and LM338 can perform. Replacing USB powered fan from laptop can be easy can blow a little much more and prevent the IO board to die prematurely. 

About IO board, do somebody remember the tale of the Micro-Byte board order... I do ordered it... I do... and the command number in hand does match the tale... A weird tale...

vendredi 12 février 2016

Other than Tripwire acquire by Bendel, Do Bendel right with AWG37 incorrect Ohms/M ?

First Section

We know Bendel being really big infrastructure buying and buying companies after companies.... Being sure if they are correctly wired, Since they acquire biggest company in copper wiring since the beginning of  our modern times ( around 1980 and 1990 ). We Guess our «Crown» had done right to boon serious others mandate ... Co-Operators / Tripwire is a serious other targetted domain... So asking twice in 2016/2017 if Tripwire are bad to the bones are not... Any coil coilled in since the first electronic part buyed is wounded by early own fab from Bendel... No in fact it's a pretty bad way to guess the future .

- But Likely abandoned view from early '90 , Crown aka «Société de la Couronne  » did ask in the early time an investigation on Loews syndication and local-problem around abuses of  syndication-uses. In fact Loews is a American model and not American native company... We also depend of the Crown to allow our Canadian nation to participate to the mentoring «Libre Echange» act. Inspected deeps of the market in view stabilizing both Canadian and American money and market. They acquire many Big foundation before agreeing to this  «Libre Echange» act.

We all know American does not own any Crown like Canadian does, but since the 1980 the whole american market just collapse after Intl company flaw out maket. At this moment :

- This company accelerate the evolution internally and all internal share owner know all about future of the computer market but does not realize if future depend of computer .
- They Finally had the sponsoring for realizing processor but everyone ask for the ultimate end-line . So loosing interest they asking themselves if :
  - This money was made for making processor .
 - To continue to share the processing idea.

- While all end-engineer was discussing about plan to transform idea in a computing solution they even insist to keep processor in close area and let people live with a terminal solution to see the result.

 - Knowing today Tablet are ultimately same result 35 years later. To merge to a same solution.  Tablet are nothing more than limited per-application uses and does not own possibility to make your own application .

- Today's Movies all make in 3D depend of script and rendering and required this step called «Rendered » and at this moment they had no idea what rendering mean .

So Market collapse and Crown secretly buy Microsoft to avoid owing to make immediate Terminal and probably invest lot of money in Video Processoring to let this Tablet of Thing laptop solution being able to push a bit more information....

But American market had collapsed being uncertain over what money from share should be distributed. And How certain a financial vision should be persistent and should not change upon share moves.

Finally we do have lot of error since Copper have change in method and American also hide this fact from especially AWG37 had change in Ohms/M from 1.72 Ohms/Meter to 1.810 Ohms/Meter for purity over 99.9999%. Copper like other metal like Manganese are becoming electrically-repulsive if they are pure and if it coming from electric fusion. This fact had totally eliminated Iron/Manganese battery at thin as Cross Section Area of 0.0095 to 0.0100 mm let free electromagnetic flow in naturally and create Electronegative current to appear inside. Even using ferric insulation it does accumulating electricity ...

And this fact lead to tell leaving kilometer of AWG37 at the 0 meter around equator may generate power, enough to ask us if we do have to move to natural electric induction to benefit from...

Actually wounded couple of coil to start a  LM317 / LM338T project  resistor of 2.1 and 3.36 Ohms are required to test a schema with LM338T giving 590 milliampere per channel. Actual one are calibrated with  Mastercraft calliper 58-6800-4 :

Give : 1.220930233 Meter of 122.09 mm from calipper and report 2.7 and 3.0 Ohms from coil of diameter of 10.02 mm (+/- .01 mm) with 33 or 37 turn tightness is in cause for different number of turns.

Assuming the R1 and R2 from LM317T will be easier to uses, they are using 150 and 240 Ohms. They can uses lower resistor but bridge from schema heat and unlike previous example of showing a 28 Ohms resistor in Halogen lamp, I'm sure it does not feedback electricity by it's purity...

Second Section

I bring a weekly example of what is correct to observe by buying something made almost naturally with normal tool. I do buyed a AWG 29 of 30 meters. Corresponding to 268.5 Ohms per kilometer or 0.2685 Ohms per meter  this example is showing a local brand being wired loosely and If I do have to unwound it and mesure it exactly I will probably not observing 5 or 10 meters overs and this photography show 9.4 Ohms instead of 8.055 Ohms which making sense. Rather observing 3.0 Ohms for a 1.2209 meters   of AWG 37... So my tools are not totally ineffective  ... 

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Fnct.D Dilem, having it change the Switches or Not, not so evident to prove it.

While some effort was done toward filling and updating Curriculum vitae , there is ton of filter for both Jobboom, carrer seek and workopolis in my mail, considering having to think to Unique ID to filter-them thru time instead of normal ranking filter. Implies we decide to implement co-development of filter and save those not working or simply non effective until we find those not working because Gmail filter regular expression or normal syntax is exhausted after specified too much parameters . Still affording a good classification and might be harder to ask-them to promote a in-time classification upon  «version-ning » .

While basic effort should look like
 we do should manage 2 other section, folder section and filter section. Folder section like showed down is correct, but Filter section is messy sometimes .

Folder Section is fine and support Tree development.
Filter Are big and may include a lot of exclusion before firing on target. Assuming it remain good to own Collegian INF-101 from a Informatic Technology from DEC offer in Québec Région to afford search in file and folder, it's also part of searching coumpound element thru classical MS-DOS syntax. Linux Syntax later offer in INF-201/INF-202 will include knowledge for Filter like following at your right. Thank's to M.Shaned to report this news way before it Happen . 

And FNCT.D ?

Having found a dilemma hard to resolve and curiously developping DOS ID for formatting a key, require in some specification to afford knowledge of generation of Hexadecimal, having to use GetPasswd we fall on a conclusion to generate 4 ASCII caracter bigger or not in classical form [A-Za-z] and number [0-9] to afford story telled to auto-convert ASCII into hexadecimal. Regard to old ANSI.sys driver it was possible to address a value from in hand typed on prompt and will store the value into video driver, calling it back will give you the instant value. Also creating simple file from gdb and getting the ${RANDOM} value 4 times and piped in into file with ">>" operator will let the GDB from classical MS-DOS to extract hexadecimal value. Having to of example from this method it was merely use to format a disk and associate it ID made from this element. Cheer-ring remaining living school-er from 1999 sequel of Rosemont College, we do had pass it ... 

So the remaining dilemma of does UUID from time-based or explicitly random was issue from this syntax or not. if this tidal move from FNCT.D to use explicit compaction of sequence executed from expanded syntax to promote least action to work in mere environment.  We know Bash shell does had it limit from those say it merge from Way-wide operation to strict action leaving un-regular action to stop working and leave only strict expression to work . 

Having :
ArrayFnctLibCode[0]="GPSize=4 GPFactor=500 GPRandomSeed=4 GPArgType=cnsB1,cysB1,cnsyB1,cn GPGenFormType=3 GetPasswd" ; 

Array ArrayFnctLibCode holding another form of argument to pass to it's internal function pwgen application having a Fourth(4) sequence to generate only ASCII text randomly in 4 characters sequence we add GPArgType last value to own value "cn" ( corresponding to classical pwgen -cn 4 ).

The classical hard part like piped other command to swallow results and make it operable :

DosID=$( ${ArrayFnctLibCode[0]} 2>&1 | egrep "passwd:" | sed 's/\(^passwd\:\)\(\[\)\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)\(\]\)/\3/g' | hexdump -n 4 -e '""1/1 "%02X"""' ) 

 Include way to filter password out of it's original command also displayed from command GetPasswd and finally another command call hexdump to use a specific format to output 32bit like hexadecimal required inside following command 

mkfs.vfat -F 32 -i ${DosID} -m MessageBoot.txt -n BOOTXDEVLPT -R 2  (devices) 

On other side developping UUID random is used thru wrapped uuidgen application called GetUUID .

eval $( echo GetUSwitches=$( GetUUID --get GetUSwitches | sed 's/t/r/g' ) GetUUID )  

give a result... 

Uses of --get inside Fnct.d also involve inspecting a function and return it's current value. We imagine we are changing the value according to a future Schema Which I expect to have it some day and will extract it's XSL like caracter conformane for this specific switches from uuidgen -r will have a range of 2 choice of '-r' for random and '-t' for time based UUID. Having this result who may guess this option was working if this test was done by a automatic test to whenever extract a value and change it in future we do have automatic test and checking value... Which is mostly Django plone and Serious other High-Level Python effort to promote a field description to create file and specific data sample to test and once executed we do have a result. Recent browsed example like Euler project in python to transverse from textual description into mathematical code is still in dream because some other part like OEIS.ORG did not own external and accessible API. Which is «Formidable» to own such specific documented integer list to achieve plausible de-coiling of finite structure like what Power-ball may own has distributivity....

In this case having a Big "Why", over what is holding recent hardened security of uses of UUID having a hope over perfect hashing algorithm and  PDF( Efficient Computation of the Number of Paths in a Grid Graph with Minimal Perfect Hash Functions ) Will improve analysis by passing argument to observed compound element to extracted information if you are in a Investigation over Why we should trust PowerBall or not.

Denoted, in quebec Québec Alternative of Loto-Québec based on natural event does comply with Reign and do know where are winner and where are sum to win. 

According to a Royal consultant to confirm it's important to let a «Future Crimminal » in a Royal environment to let it free to own all win prior to let it . Only do it's future accusation to surpass it's nature because we do believe in honesty of the present and do have the technology to assume preemption.  

A "Terrorist" will have to land here in this place, to win bet and ultimately cross the land called "Fabric" to buy it's nuclear pellet to acheive it's bombs .... 

According to it's preemption action we do know they can't landing here in our Royal land... While in United State we do have fact present local criminal have walk out of our line and does do the queue to buy PowerBall lottery while they can ask to you local Psychiatrist to let you buy win and tell it we do regret of your crime but it was a miss-view from your side but not us. 

So it's important to know everything about your side-distribution. Having Loto-Québec can not ask loan or ultimately ask to other party to get money despite having confirmation nobody will loose the Weekly 649 lottery, while some firm being PowerBall and subsidiary group can form and inflate the market.