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vendredi 27 septembre 2013

ControlQueryText, an AutoIT application freely distributed on, aka National Bank Auto-Copy-Paster between apps.

ControlQueryApps was merely designed In-wall inside IBM tower from 1360 René-Levesque West. While I was in formation with M.Dagobert trainner and Supervisor for DDH and merely hidden Recovery center gossip made from Old tools left from National Bank, pretending desserving «Itinerant » Immo-Mortgage like Director ( while it kinda 3rd party investor and almost Mafia-Assets being calling every day)... I was waiting for him, being absent for a full day and having no plug to connect my laptop offered by IBM, Kelly-Services and National Bank, My T-60 was used to craft an AutoIT application to enhance experience of getting informations from a sheet or an application and pasting to the other one... Application Like Citrix application respond not so well from ControlQuery or plain IDL-code to talk to a Windows componnent, the best way is to access to the Whole windows and paste the information.

After, some tuning the application can even work on citrix server, having a buffy look or with big scroll-bar and big button the application can be use on citrix side and can recognized the windows and all button and field...

But was initially served to type at the place of the caller... Client had problems to insert a password and tell us he did and the login screen lock... A Remote session to it's desk and paste the password inside the sender-windows and transmit everything...

People having AS400 emulator or terminal had problems to acces to a specific place or are newbies to acces to a section within it's application, pasting information like `{CTRLDOWN}{ALTDOWN}a_key{ALTUP}{CTRLUP}` acting fine on client side to enable client doing a CTRL-ALT + a_key... I suppose Videotron Client Services side should agree SGA can answer well doing automatic key sending to compete with actual key-pad on the left side... But the tools is available in .au3 source and compiled for Windows XP/7 .

The first source is on, AutoMath-ASE / ControlQueryText section and soon under my ... 

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