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vendredi 2 août 2013

M.Rheault-Etccy in Ethic case, Specialized Bean and not Specialized Being.

While it's almost similar phonetically for french with only fews years in english talk, a case in FBN around about a bad species prank leave fews comment like, internet audience is barely mature enought to keep everything available and leaving only what is disgusting and explicit rather than offering good scene.

Guy working close to me during 2010-2012 Banque National / IBM / FBN / Kelly Services were having downtimes and using extras hours to spend times using our powerful laptops. A First one was wondering if Eclipse plateform was working with several Bean, like Maeven and others offering only one tutorial we find it not explicit enough to conclude understanding this plugins and how it works....

Another guys starting later was also using it's powerful laptops in spare times and assuming FBN world sleep early, leave line available for a while. This guy also heard about our talk and we fall on this pit... This guys undestand the final word "not explicit enough" and the big question, What is a definition of Maeven plugins,

- I say, is Like Bean, NetBean, Java bean, but eclipse having it's own bean design, calling Specialized Bean, talking to a RH about how we can tell it shortly and having sense, you say, I know Specialized Bean...

- This other guy ( where was fired probably couples months later for lack of speech ), probably understand "Specialized Being", and show us "Dancing with wolf", which is really "explicit enough". This was show on Canadian TV with a lot of cutted scene and a starting with an warning message being offensive. While the guy says I found him, a really Specialized Being , devoted his life to wolf, have personal ( well the "explicit enough" case  ) time with wolf to understand more wolfes... After this speech he show us the movie snapshoot.

- I respond, Warning Guy, it's way out of our task and Finnancist can't be see like hungry wolfes likes theses... But merely show about what remain on Internet decade away from the original movie, on Internet it only remain "explicit case", which not really prove Internet audience and public is mature to leave better scene if the term "Specialized Being" shoud be exploited.

Like another one explicit case if you looking for a Really loved show around 1994-1997 is the Ally McBean while she change during the show, but few googling ahead and we can only find the cutted scene from his first boyfriend ( Yes, I say Ally McBean has his boyfriend ), which is only for mature audience, but the scene regard his personal mate with his boyfriend showing "her" personal part to his boyfriend...

Those forget how bad the situation move her or him around audience flavor show a wrong analysis of the script...

But Specialized Being... I do had problems with Hungry Wolves from FBN be cause I'm like Sharpy Shark from IT, but it never turn into mud...

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