TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Raring and Oliivia used in Beta around 2003.


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mardi 20 août 2013

Raring and Oliivia used in Beta around 2003.

It was merely maintained by Zantagor friend.

He receive an order to compile COMSOL latest version ( where this one was not known at this moment ), into Java-native compiler from GCC suite, a.k.a GCJ was claimed to be fully-integrated...

Hopefully, to prevent hacker to hack commonly latest tools, and tools-of-the-end, Branch development suppose to be controlled by an Head Here in Québec/Montréal and supervised by The Special Project ( now I.T. Project from FBN ), an old knew crew really important, because it's also an project-investigator, nominated in late '90 ... Some had considered important to survey such distribution if tomorrow tools had to be free and available without receiving hacker soups and script-kiddies and theirs monitoring doze for personal satisfaction...

The subset still tiny but might be stronger for all reason cited previously.

And who is paying all this... Unsure but it might be « Alien Buck » from the beginning... I mean millions from Trillions they should give to ... Someone ...

- For sure it's not Spatial money from South Park(tm)

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