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mardi 20 août 2013

Harvesting a Shell command (and not Investing in Shell command )

In clear,

- Having a correct methodology is good to create sample and had correct disposition and know branch to reduce code reading... With lib Fnct.D, it's reach a acceptable code-branching in having Apparel of form and had human-look and feel to be remember. Also having few-line code to invest to seek inside function and seed a bare-bottom Help-content like and --help being embedded to any function inside fnct_debian_lib from Fnct.d, It might offer a way to expand shell execution from post-installation script, pre-install-script and pre-generated script to render-it inspect-able and doing an autogen-composition from solid function block are for tomorrow, but a mile-stone in HP-UX Appealing (Home-Professional User eXperience ) and not ( Hope and Pray for Usefull Existence ) in some case meet-ed like Tesseract Story being a « pain in the ass » controversy porting and powerfull algo for OCR coming from late HP-UX labs from HP/Compaq before Compaq fall into bankruptcy...

Common look of automated Zenity Shell once executed...

Just Open the Fnct.D, fnct_debian_lib Code to seek for ZenityShellEval it's easy to design, enlarge the command-line to several way, not reading semi-colon after semi-colon and can save the code into Unique uuid based in time... So Bosses asking you since when are you trying to fit into Ur-Design Sir... open a python windows, import uuid, and uuid.uuid4 and you can get an accurate moment when you start.... You Still want to get a Time-worked... Fill a comment inside my github... Some design was made to be UX , eXperience.

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