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jeudi 15 août 2013

Magnetic-nuclear roller second Edition & Flywheel, Thorium give this Output

Having couple of free-trial to test-out,

- Nasa already had it's Flywheel made from Aluminum or Iron... Also available in levitated mode, The model available in read from COMSOL portal , The proposed prototype had something strange we agree can broke easily if the electricity shutdown or if the computer had several problem handling extreme magnetic field distortion ; agreeing my Magnetic-nuclear roller second Edition made from passive thermite ( Actually a FIMO like compound mixed from IRON and Bore ) ; I insist to say the aluminum is outside of the compound and the ThF4 or UF4   is fixed with (North Polar - to - North Polar) reverted NdF magnet , Even slow reaction from Aluminum ( decree around 1990 to eliminate plastic from Aluminum foil as cause for Fire Starter in oven ), leave the Reaction slowly increase in temperature. The FIMO had to dry and the NdF Magnet had to gain several hundred of Kelvin before we ought having Uranium or Thorium vaporized and contaminating the environment .

It was not easy to find an elastic constraint or called Young's modulus, having the one for Thorium, and it's density, The day I can get real Young's modulus from standard Web-search I should give more exact information ... 

But Unfortunately here a rendering of the flywheel plot optimization and stress distribution « Ya » made from Sherbrooke COMSOL forum being distributed if the amount of participant exceed amount of computer and some distribution of COMSOL remain trial-only and Working too for Mint 14 a.k.a Nadia with version 4.3 .... I Won't put the hand on a flame for, but distribution from late March was slower than August one confirming it's a Free Forum with M.Hiller and even the application is free ; because Science is out of school due to low amount of student graduating, in High-level science Bachelor. 

So I'm pretty sure it's not bad showing you mine Thorium configured Flywheel because actual model does not give the same ratio between Young's modulus of Iron ( quoted to 2.11e11 ) while Thorium had 7.9e11 . 

Just a comment, The By-hand-example continue to give some error ( following step by step from PDF file ). 

So probably offering them a Step-by-Step repository to store :

- Interval 1
- Integration 1
- Average 1
- Variable 2
- General Form PDE 1
-Dirichlet Boundary Condition 1 ( this one was also read from my last math-book for physicists from doverpublications , Dirichlet boundary conditions p272, p341, p346)
and ...

- In fact with a bare Git Script, you store a file completed from ROOT to GLOBAL DEFINITIONS, and you commit it ( and the magic : git push origin master ), a simple script can retrieve a step by step file from an example and leave the audience reloading the COMSOL file...

Also doverpublications are excellent with a spoon of «The chocolate Crown » bring by my brother back from Belgium.

But those believing in true state flywheel across my Roller, can possibly replace the void by Di-Electroil and replaing the rig inside the Di-Electrol compound by calibred tig in suspension from simple magned and the rig being added to the tig should be used to accumulate the Magnetic field and start floating free inside the Di-Electrol, leaving toluene-chain from Di-Electrol creating a spire from rotating tig, it should cumulate a forming membrane storing the energy and so forth...

...Sorry the Example for suspicious-minded Teddy:

Thorium Flywheel example (COMSOL)

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