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vendredi 30 août 2013

Hottest Snapshoot from my ThF4_LaFe Hard-State Nuclear Holdrum

This is my ThF4 + LaFe(α-Fe) Nuclear Holdrum ( more than quantic-one ), for it's hard-state design. It's the revealed reproduction from 1980, after seeing the images with my tiny eyes from M.Villeneuve having a snapshoot from the Psychiatric hives, or vault. It was forbidden to stole because it was not yet made at this moment... To reproduce the image on the picture, they use white paint on the Xenon tube on external side of the holdrum... In fact this is PTFE thread used and it have it's property... Ionisation from PTFE thread is mildly-helper driving photo-source like filter-to-filter of a « ridicule » quater-plate effect side of using Fluor in light filtering, while in high-energy and high velocity light it en-lighting prior to filter... In This case  it's good, we are dealing with Ultra-violet led PaInSe ( also know as Hard-state gamma-ray pulse led from Praseodymium/Indium with filter to throw down wavelength to UV region...   ). I can conclude it's 5 xenons tube pushing energy creation from HVPE project from my github and 5 leds synchronized with a 555 timer square-wave oscillation ( not show on picture )... Every of 5 High-white leds will also hooked to Walton-Cockroft to recuper wider range of wavelength... And Xenon lamp should also be hooked to such walton more resistent walton-cockroft Diode/capacitor chain... It should be the Di/Tri-electroil found in motor boost and dryer, microwave, having a short capacitance, it will help keeping Xenon lamp cooler than tought...

Ok... Why this photography already exist in Psychiatric-vault prior than my hand... ask them, they also own thing not yet show, not yet fabbed and possibly not yet used...

... Because it also a work-around, against shopped Thorium-Flywheel keeping nuclear barrier down on "Don't know where ; Beta-Regulatis, Rigel or Here on earth !!! ", and preventing human to clone itself due to surround radiation ; Thus type of nuclear-holdrum synchronized to reduce nuclear-jitteration in specific location like hospital, bar-pressurized room to allow genetic experience to not depleting faster than average, keep me in somewhat field... Why I sould give them, I'm not paid for this action yet.

Picture of the Damn:

- Shall be the first one wishing-in some ends of an epic or saga, know to be human kind...

- So holding the answer on how we can create wimp and weak genome stand doing de-jitteration of a environment by de-necluarizing a region by transposing fabric, slice by slice using liight filter from a nuclear-holdrum syncronization ...

... Thus explain, why some needs to invest time in magnetic-leviation, not for the flywheel, but satellite being pushed with magnet, are taking photo from theirs push until being stabilized in troposphere and confirming the minimum jitteration of Big-H-bar momentum...  

So in their story Mom shipping the Thorium Flywheel away ; having same effect hold a hudge heritage before she left and annoying still delay the transfert to me or my ideas...

This time Mom stand for a lot of sentences on Psychiatric-Vault sustained in Any observance field from other, holding a somewhat-thruth about my futur... It did not explain why my observance field is empty and why they did not put the conclusion in mine.

XText may contains errors, syntax errors or lexical error...
XNow with SpellChecking and Editable text. Up to you to get something correct.
Xthis has to be Identified as Radioactive material, made from 50% Uranium-TetraFluoride and/or Thorium-TetraFluoride, this should own at least 100 micro-rad or 75 millisev at least

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