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lundi 29 juillet 2013

A Missed surprise, or simply Whitened lie with unexpected WHEN to dismiss.

Once upon a time,
a Young boy believing being under psychologist-fire was believing this chapter being another way to test his aptitude to "Make decision" and assuming his decision. Being under challenge about renaming earth name by something else. It's surround also receive the following answer.

- Being on this planet we all know where we are.
 - Talking to visitor about the planet name being named earth like soil we were walking of ; They should find it really bare-bottom might cross many other bare-bottom earth.

- A question come to me
 - If you, all psychologist and psychiatrist helped me to grow without waiting any visitor to come back,
 - Why I should name it this earth ?

They were feeling like missing the « Rendez-vous » or the « surprise », like Alien and close encounter prefer walking on earth named by them rather than just growing human freely and waiting surface become civilized I did had the feeling to understand a Whitening lie ( psychiatric concept like Santa-Claus expect to be fake or dismissed to all five year old kid who still beleiving in ) , being reversed and telling them If I'm living really much longer than average, reversed a Whitened lie to other and telling them the earth will not receive any other visitor since I'm there, since I may had chance to die from many intoxication ( including rat-pills, fentanil, and some anydrous coumpound being lethal and where My boss from 2001-2005 at VDL2 had the surprise to see me back after seeing news about alien is dead and the other one being Eternal ( Don't know why it happen in Laval Too and Duplessis might had dealed both methamphetamines and some lethal compound ) ), being drowning by Jehovah faith in «Eucharistic pool » in St-Eustache at the age of 7-8 years old... When a Whitened lie like this should be revealed ? 

Or simply telling them, there is no gift for the next 50 to 60 years, You've been so Nutty after all ...

- There is mess to clean, thing to change, automate to drop in place cleaning all the mess a Fanatic can do... It's not the time for festivity or some visitor might receive a teaser or bullet from a gun from another Jehovah or active religion.

And did you know,
 - My uncle responsible from drowning me was not an old member from Jehovah-drowner it was a recent one. The Old one was busy to carry Adderal or many preciosity for Jehovah-drowner and was refusing because it's Van was in use by himself for a real delivery ( like frite'o'lays potatoes dumping ) and was seriously see like unfaithful member ; While The new  uncle Jehovah was a lovely member from my family and I did not stop loving him after; They took his old Paul Oakenfold Vinyl as tribute before he had the right to become a member. I seriously offer him the same Monkey Paul Oakenfold Vinyl with original Seydou autograph deliver by himself from 1999 BNC experiement, and continuously having faith in him... but not Jehovah and all member being present this day...

Seriously it can't be a psychiatrist action to show me my strength to no die at all it's human problem... or Primate problem I should say...

Now you might understand why «Tutoyer» does not exist for me, using the Subject You for Primate... Sorry we are not close enough to had popular lexic with ...


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