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mardi 19 février 2013

Magnetic-nuclear roller second Edition.

While the previous one was took for a slight inspection, some friend probably stabilize the schema around old infracstructure of General Electric in old Verdun and was «Vaporized» in 2007 while I was meeting a group working in web development to promote cookies-dought for fund raising ; We saw the lighting it was less than kilometer away in the backyard of General electric... Some friend by the past ask me to do one thing, to install and test a self «montage» from myself in this place... You can imagine how big was the lightning... Well, you can also see was was attached to it and the previous one also had a Wiimote from Intec and require a magnet to stabilize to let it float freely. At this moment in 2003-2004 before the engine got desapear and being vaporize in 2007, many friend was interested to see, because once active It throw a somewhat «Wound» feeling being harmless for me, other report headache and some dizziness

the person named « consciousness » was also intrigued to see more about this experiment. Also whished to me to go back working for NBFG to see more about tools Croesus holding will of all active testament and also the hudge 8 Billion dollars owned by a private compagny number, waiting to be transfered to someone. It's not clear and I did not take the Compagny number, but it might have a relation between old information from "Registraire du Québec" and old VDL2 private investor might be the same Compagny number... I think also there is a timer around this, like being dropped in Private holder around March 1st 2013... But this person perfer to see more about the tools.

I says, You can go back in Lachenaie see one important friend know more about mess we did with playing with electric-transformes, relay and some radio-gadgeting... But this tools creating a « Wound-feeling », not harmless to me but some report some headache and some dizziness. This tools is nothing more than a caveat to not accumulate electricity from any-kind. Meaning there is no way to let pass unirofmely the electricity correctly... Having no way than not putting resistor, in a continuous loop, having a winding accumulating electricity from magnetic variation is loss when it's bind with resistor, and Radio Inventor had the same clue discovering radio by moving to resistor to plain Germanium Resistor, that chunk the continuous flux... So having Big Di-electrol capacitor, with to ending diode will lett no chance to capacitor to accumulate the electricy... While the winding can collect the electricity it can store it and should turn into an excess... So what creating the Wound-feeling... Maybe Alpha-particule from Uranium decay from U2O ball around a NdBeF magnet... Inside the schema I used A plate-exchanger has NdBFe-ball as cover. If you never open a microwave magnetron from your famillial microwave-oven, the part with the metal-concentrator is surrounded by magnet, so static interference and both heat generated by the Tesla-coil hooked to a transformed, the tesla-coil antenna is bind to the microwave-generator and to other part the capactior and in third the Ground... Mine haven't the metal plate, my Wiimote report something strange.

I used Wmgui which was not running at all in 2003 with RHEL, Fedora-Core Linux installation, moving to either ubuntu or Mint for x86_64, can now handle the wmgui and I can see the roll and from the wiimote always reaching the 3.14 everytime the montage is self calibred...

Calibration is between exaustive and a problem, The magnetic head is 2-headed North-North magnet leaving no possibility to gain and higher line in the air before the pole got reverting. But it always reach and Acceletation of 1.14 ( meneaing it move ), and roll of 3.14 and might turn on it self 3.14 the ratio the motion-detector hook in technology of wiimote having the lenght of the device and can understand if you move it half-it size if you are using to drive or swing ; 2 and more if you intended to play golf or fishing, but full circle... The «Wounding» might be a repulsion of collected electron from U2O (Uranium Oxyde bought on ebay)... from Uranium Oxygen-combustion chamber, meaning the Uranium did not loss any of it's half-life and might throw electron, while weak Uranium-232 will either having alpha particule, no electron... So now about knowledge of vinyl, polyester and teflon, look a bit on wiki-pedia, they showing their di-electric constant around 3,25 (1 kHz, 23 °C), 3 (1 MHz, 23 °C), 2,8 (1 GHz, 23 °C) for Mylar, Nylon having di-electric constant of 3,50 (1 kHz, 25 °C), 3,14 (1 MHz, 25 °C), 2,8 (1 GHz, 25 °C), 11 (1 kHz, 84 °C), 4,4 (1 MHz, 84 °C), 2,8 (1 GHz, 84 °C), and let me beleive of leaking capacitor from magnetance being converted from the grounded rod... Seeing the schema, is nothing more than a Geek-Magnetron with motion detector , having a percent of magnetic self shielding converting in heat and impulsion being collected inside the capacitor... This capacitor having high-voltage affinity, it might play a multi-frequency collector...

The schema:

The Wmgui report :

It's a really bad video resolution, but it show the rod in sustention on a tiny magnet...

And this version was not filmed with the UV-neon ballast, while this one having another Big-Transformer it also let vibrate the full montage, but wiimote continue to show an acceleration of 1.14... probably not before I tuned the UV-lamp... And if the whole setting got magnetized....

Hopefully I was not the person putting this schema on background of General Electric... Fume from this capacitor are Toxic and were killing all the women around 1980... Another reason to recycle and not living in unknown village ; they burning waste... Of course it's critical ...

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