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mardi 29 janvier 2013

Skinny problems for human ... Part 3

Also Know from Psychiatrist to be Artefact coming from High-end Species, It's aversion of cancer and other type of tumor known to be High-end Species DNA being replicated inside body like slowly growing other High-end Species inside mud... Being polite I say, do never take blood from Me or Anti-body... Being a real scam, Me anti body can build poch to build factory to build other anti-body and also blocking signal from local region to inhibit brain command and even de-activate human anti-body mechanism ... This is what happen when Monkey want's immunity without really searching and searching deeper... This will also re-introduce  Skinny problems for human Part 1, and all the rest of the news was the preceding story about other poch to add to your body to be closest from encounter without meeting them for real... An Heavy prize to pay you may found all information inside the blog or wait until a re-publish the news...

Starting this year, my skin or all synthetic skin taken from 1990-1991 surgical operation ( they take small skin from my upper front ). I was the youngest one at this moment, making ideal to retreive skin and make perfect whity skin ...

But Exceptionnally, this one is really white and need a bit of iron to make it like normal or pale-roses... However tell to a friend of my brother, this skin will start being rejected while «My body» will start to receive massive intake of iron like hunt and some member of my family and ( feu grand-mother alias Richard ) , encourage me to take massive intake of iron... From other family side also tested intake of iron in ferrite and magnetite which is not suppose to be lethal for me. But this friend from my brother also get the information after I should start getting intake, all part of my body will wait for a signal to ensure it's part of me before receiving new fresh iron from blood flow, if the skin did not receive the signal or simply other enzym or somewhat glangular signal, it will start to be rejected and does not respond to normal anti-rejection pill....

This skin was massively used during last 10 years and wasn't tested properly... Bother surgeon and group commercializing this skin and ovaries are facing severe problems and did not respond since last 2 years... And many people start suffering from important rashing and might have to retreive it soon, really soon...

problems owning  32 chromosomes... Seek for a personal friend meet at Rosemont high-school participating to Information Help offered, she also worked for Hema-Québec and did own the information about my blood chromosomal profile which is special....

Don't look for recent news on the «Vickie's world news», Apparetly, those wearing synthetic-skin can also let you playing with «Tele-Veillance». But chance to be injuried is really high... Don't know why... Don't offence him, there is active transponding techniques between infrared emmited by you, the TV and the gadget and can track signal until it get what it want to shoot, can also boost a signal using Hue-saturation curve and can collect TV-static... Did you ever try to kiss him ( only if he asking you )... Creepy sometimes playing with things you don't know.

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