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jeudi 21 juillet 2016

End of the watchfulness "/ˈwɒtʃfʊlnɪs/", Network Administrator @( VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design )

As They provide...

- They provide me all the tools I do require to provide the best I can get .
- I do provide even beyond what promised as Network monitor and Network Administrator. Furthermore to read this news beyond the time I do write it.
- Giving consumption timeline 3 days in advance, It's only civilian and expert that can do this ... 
- Working in a clean environment, I shall not forget :
 - the Viarail-student project delivered with my own code instead of PHP page never published by called mentored group working with another company hosting Tucows and lots of Domain Name Guys working with Netmarketing solutions and are deliberately  un-cooperative and end in conflicts in hand-by-hand and get pushed out, literally to reject outside the establishment by coders groups and one of the associate.
- Providing management and retirement solution; they manage my records of  Revenu du Québec and Revenu du Canada to provide me a private retirement, for an ageless civilian and somewhat eternal.

As They respond...

- Starting July 21 2016, is the conclusion of this biggest chapter in communication group with civilian working in a top-singular reality.
- Fact of VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design, is en entity managed with civilian and advocate, The "Barreau Du Québec" have to ratify this elements come out of the Crown, an apparatus to allow only one company being subscribed to this organisation of "Barreau Du Québec" as key elements in rights to manage civilian right man devotion, related to me as well .

As They offer...

- They offer investment to be released soon, starting on 21 July 2016 to be the choosed day, they have also the right to throw inside my wallet the "Monetary mandate", of fews golden nugget I think(1)

- Associate with many company, they already retired me and Shall have a Proof.

As They See...
Myself is entering in conflicts with Time(2), had contributed to provide a free winning lottery ticket to one of the member, being sited close to it after he receive a call of me 3 days early. This day , a Sunday and cloudy day, I was unable to connected in the Sunday Time and can only report the information of the Wednesday, calling by phone I do retrieve couple of number and my hand in the lottery contest, was holding the winning number for two full day and do contains about 2 millions give to the guys who give me the lottery number.  Only for a database problems....It's another candidate to observe why only
VLD2/ Phéromone / Flow+Design shall ratify the permanent reason why I do not really need to contribute in this Canadian Society as worker. We do manage data thru Ottawa Online Data management, but having an accurate management of even incident of what I'm doing all alone....

1:  The real amount is not showed and seems to be information desperabely loosen by some one stealing the mandate-deposit paper and try to cash-it thru HSBC, a big story never revealed. 
2: Time like Space Time and Time fluctuation where it show my own weight is subject to throw away electromagnetic flux away by 2 or three days in future...