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mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Crown whispering an Annoncement to All

Dear Custodian and Tuon,

This last 3 years are the success of registration of my location, beneath to introduce the extension of property wisdom like Tulip bought by Queen Wilhelmina of Pays-bas, Caspien and Twile had introduce Hemp And envenomness flower upon manipulation by our Civilian President action on daily gardening task. Enforcing the crown civilian to operate twice in survey, it envenomn by primate manipulation or any Custodian and Tuon pulling-off the flower or even cutting it. Successfully produced 100000$ in 2 fines distributed in close environment, I shall conclude it should remain a such task to protect such important flower that even require radioactive material to grow more easily...

Dear Civilian of the Crown,

The enforcement of my action to grow protected species suppose to be in action since 2009 and going well. I do appreciate the task done since the enforcement of my location on any Hemp flower being planted by myself. I do produce a low tea-oil smell by smoking it and or drinking it. It does not produce venom if collected by me and seem to not becoming dangerous by intake. However it does contains radioactive material or might collect it. We do understand molten salt from passive nuclear reactor are granted to become another essential fertilizer to become standard in exotic plant grow, but we do have worry. I do especially  that all action made by close Civilian act as advocate for this task and tank's contributive custodian to contribute.

Notice, starting to midnight 14 July and 17 of July 2016, Shall Be he time to act and promote civilian to a much more pleasant future. In a near future I should discuss on re-activation of mass-execution if shall save time for those working hard .

Here a look to a short survivor of the two plant ; To be know has recedivist, He did own it's fine of 50k$ and seem to act twice. Not beleiving in it's rehabilitation, I do doubt seem him hiding himself in College rank until he found an entry and re-educate that Tuon can be a waste of time, sincerely, it depend on all Citizen of the crown to decide, a second attempt is a second offence.