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vendredi 8 juillet 2016

It's 4 o'clock tea after all

Remarkably lost in America until we do prefer uses of Sativa and Amerindian and Aztec root to cultivate really large sheet to produce cigar-like hemp. We do also loosed in our own yard We loose the harmless effect of Hemp in tea. Even bought hemp kernel out of House of tea to get our harmless Hemp grow.

Mastered by English physician are centenary and know uses of hemp are oldest as uses of Tea. And Hemp/cannabis are know from them since the Indian annexation of Great-Britain, and were uses in conjunction of tea. Those know what is a Tea-Tree is initially a plant that grow up and becoming strong enought to resist to dryness and cold temperature know in high-mountain. Coming out of Indian, hemp also had property toward Indica uses. Those where straining Stevia to not produce sativa had also same story toward reducing or increasing Indica inside Tea for increasing pleasure and laugh.

Tea story reveal and appeal greatest colonist and botanist. To grow them on their land rather than exporting it from Indy. Before adopting the Orange Peacock tea, Marvelous Tea is also a old topic mastered during English course of Secondary 2 with the tallest man in school, measuring 8 feet 2 inches, it's brother twice tall had also to throw golf-bal every times he smell a big-joke lying around...

While Orange Peacock Tea had to be adopted, Marvelous Tea's was also it's predecessor hold few sheets by thousand of hemp for all accommodation to mother maiden nature to render Britain drinking their tea the under rain, under fog. Harvesting positive feeling "Marvellous Tea" had origin a ratio of 1 sheet os hemp/chanvre by thousand sheet of tea. Giving a smiling, once the acetaminophen origin change the smiley or the "Marvelous" feeling into single cramps.... So it's deprivation of Tylenol can let your experiment that old feeling...

Also from Alice series, The eggs being represented by it's Strong Idea of Father walking on a line  like walking on a top-wall. He does report inside chapter "King's Oyster and Lemon Marvellous Tea" :
- That tea is good for you not for me. I do not need to show sign of my emotion at this time they are already know. Fruitful for the family.
- But your dear being so young and haven't expressed one natural smile. I do live here more time here to understand it's not temperature that left you un-smiley.
- So it's good for you that tea for the smile it give you...

So far so good, I do have to apologize for lack of knowledge for all reader around my family haven't catch any expression toward such memorial of Alice and it's Wonderful land, prior to be young and un-expressive, she live inside a natural way to procure feeling rather to test first series of asylum anti-depressive pill made out other flower also extracted from Indy and populated in Israeli.

Here some memory in case that "Marvelous Sativa Lemon Joyce", doest have to be pull-off like weed.

Alice in Wonderland 
 Being rated highest and pricest hemp family that Crown reduce price to a wonderfull under 100 buck per distribution. We do agree, this flower had to be taked young before starting to make oil or, Tea is oily and un-smokable. What the Chenille a.k.a. it's mother had to report toward King Oyster and Marvelous Tea Sheet:

- You can let them grow in your yard if your are doubtful to not coming from maiden nature...
- This sentence can be "Stuffed" of "Indeed", why...
- She personally building it's imaginary-garden of mother and father feeding out reputation of both uses of mushroom and hemp into a fairy-tale, rather than really feeding mushroom and hemp for self satisfaction...

Eating fairy literacy indeed, Agree chasing out rabbit because another meal will come in few hours, 3 times a day... 

Really under-survey it's some picture coming from accommodation