TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: We must remain short, not spending time with, Information technology - Codes for the representation of human sexes


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lundi 22 août 2016

We must remain short, not spending time with, Information technology - Codes for the representation of human sexes

Browsing first line of an OID browser, looking for some SNMP number we fall to the beginning of the Tree by error and what are able to see, Electronic topology start with 1.0.5218 for Sexe Interchange Format which mean....

You do have an electronic tools like sophisticated eyes brushing tools to do both hiding, reduce wrinkle for men and do a normal eyes brushes image before and after does an equivalent snmp trigger if you touch button Male/Female, because we are all knowing an eyes brushing for female is explicitly hiding everything .... Knowing Channel Eyes Brushing is ultimately a tools appearing in end 2020 for using technology between electric presence sensor based on touch-screen tactile sensor and in air-electric sensor made from surface electri-grid over this touch screen can make dot representation of any human part a.k.a. sensitive one like eyes and peripherical region. 

While this standard present mean
1       -> iso(1)
0.      -> standard(1)
5218 -> human-sexes
  ASN.1 form calling it "Sexe Interchange Format"

Does only answer to Four( 4 ) important rule to standard 

  1. - reduce the time required to record and/or format the representation of sexes and transmit the corresponding data;
  2.  - improve clarity and accuracy of interchange
  3.  - minimize the amount of human intervention required for communicating the representation of sexes; and
  4. - reduce costs.
For explainning a case based on fact One :
- Which mean we are not keeping explicit exception and even Listenning Denis Levesques and asking in what case we should keep it record of sex-change problems... Category called Not known(0) or Not applicable(9) is classified by CRTC when someone ask it should who it should concern...

 Meanwhile, Ste-Marie from ST-George does as a pitfall on way things are classifies and rely from lost region around Center of quebec had problems with television itself and every time a Civilian walk in this path should fall during Diner ( 4 to 6 o'clock PM ) and still eating at St-Hubert and do listening this  TV show being classified corretly by CRTC, being handled by Some One at Barreau du Quebec but did not make for all emission.... A problems in group-corpuscular right handling... But had understand finally why it's like that...
Statistic does also support clarity, like question what gender you do like :

  1. Not known 0 (zero)
  2. Male 1 (one)
  3. Female 2 (two)
  4. Not applicable 9 (nine)

If you download the ISO_IEC_5218_2004(E_F) both in "français" and english it also inform topology of this choice is really there is more men answering to an electronic widget, statistic have to face a choice upon a logical code to rpresent men as Number One and Female in Number 2... But privacy statement for "Not Know" is still best Number one in statistic in regard to some statistic firm have cease to ask for intimacy statement and, probably more statistic feeder punch the "Not Know", an old case know from friend had spend time in statistic firm.

Case 3 is annoted today by doctor that do ask this only once Upon you open the subject again... By using doctor term does also represent psychiatrist. 

And several information are available inside this document ISO_IEC_5218_2004(E_F) / Information technology — Codes for the representation of human sexes and if you can read inside there is a specific image notation called BlissSymbols founded by Charle K Bliss in foundation of deaf and half-impaired but inside this document it's a contribution of Shirley ( Shirley McNaughton and/or Paul Marshall ) Here the link to Bliss Symbols Organization.
It's somewhat strange Bliss Symbols have been inserted inside piloting artifact inside movies Elysium, while it's punched in Russian symbols, there is other character on many push button widget really similar to Bliss Symbols. While most of widget are plane or futuristic plane, Elysium is itself an Elite artificial human satellite where technology are kept for richest people, they have all coded with Bliss symbols too...