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dimanche 10 novembre 2013

This should be shortened, but used brievely, « La vie au commensale de Abou Boucar Diouf... »

Shortened to « La vie au commensalisme de Abou Boucar Diouf », for someone is living it.

- Should added inside few quote, it's definition, and uses of it's success part applied to my 0-35 years of existence, akin to « De la parterre au premier rang de l'humanité, cette petite vie devra se fié au... »
- Should talk about sucesses of Normative law being bare-root allowance of existence of comensalism and   what giving me this in return from what I should own after-all ...

Thank's again Boucar Diouf, Bio-Ecologist from University to throw in the air first moment of your humorist-career into a Long-talk on « La vie au commensalisme » which was barely understand from someone continuing look on origin of species based on 2-mankind reproduction pattern...

- Another part should be added inside a Discourt about my Grand-Mother telling me that between 0-35 years old I should earn about 2 to 4 Millions reason to live... to 35-55 enough to get 17 of it to ... And after should had to realize all 0.2 to 20 Trillion of that should be for me and all other living in a commensalism realm...