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dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Having Ton of convention to write down for Fnct.D

If you do have something under eyes that look like that:

«From Paper Draft of My GitHub »
Convention in Paper Draft information

« Every Paper Draft informations is coming with a note, and a title. A Function name can follow a Paper Draft informations. The note is a UUID made by required type  of UUID ( Time-based UUID. ). Might optionnally mentioning the Function being related, or Methodology being applied or any Strutural Design from Basic Programmtion rule being know from developper.

Paper Draft information Are information illegible after aggregation , correction
and standardisation to be elligible for Documentation... Paper Draft informations will allow to talk about implementation inside Documentation, but not Documentation to reffer to a Paper Draft informations. Also being cleaned from joke and story , Documentation will not own any of these story-line of what creator inherit from this contribution. Finally Paper Draft informations will stay in last-page from  Fnct.D like a section to read in spare time and leisure from what time had  consolidate to offer so strong attribute to this methodology....  »

It's because you fall on Fnct.D convention from a way-in-future book of what God have to use before talking to human ....