TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Old Series of Los Angeles Law & Order from 1990 - 1993


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jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Old Series of Los Angeles Law & Order from 1990 - 1993

For those continue to believe bare fact showed from TV, and continue to not believe in powerfull effect  of Alzheimer , Todays news are only showing real footage of an emission being wrapped differently, by Initial format and capture where filmed with normal High-quality camera like thoses inside TV series. For thoses which is seemless having portable DV and High-Definition TV camera, it's size, and the High-Definition TV camera, also coming with a 4 inch display and suspension kit...

Those continue to not worry about Tupac Event, a virtual star extracted from Miami Vice the new series, they extract the original footage to present the video over last decade... Actual Mayor smoking crack was a series from Los Angeles Law & Order from 1990 and was inside the story a Mayor from Burxton smoking crack inside a private stadium...

Thoses person required to be payed back by Local Quebec subvention are also intended to contact FBN to ask for a transfert from Amerian Artist Union to Local Union Des artiste and almost all star from many part of film, movies, series where challenged on phone from Technical services of FBN, National Bank for openning a transfert fund from their respective Finnancial reps... Having them during 2010-2012, person from Winter Olympic, Sochi next olympic, some American Artist being polled by this system, some person for next decade TV presentation where meeted on phone and daily required to acces to a system to verify couple of things... FBN even provide a calendar, an email for all theses person...

After all it's a easy entry-point for Electronic auditing...