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lundi 21 octobre 2013

There is Dis-concordance @Videotron.ltee


Both Internal VP Direction ( probably founder of Jonas/Joncas Cable and Wiring Services ) and Chief Supervisor was present to give me a certain date of beginning... This is also strange as it was merely similar to 1999, where a group started with a week of delay and did own potential candidate owning prejudice like Prank-caller and Dis-concordance of faith in Administration decision ...

While I was ready to personally send a letter to the Human-ressources supervisor to present personal excuses of committing a wrong faith from my own act, I do never had such name from this guys, that personally never intended to give me a future date of beginning and also having news from this date...

This is why my grand-mother from Psychiatric-paper-story read it from Videotron does not suffer from collusion, but Discordance... Agreeing them money will not really save them doing prompt-us act and self decision...  

*Jonas/Joncas Also reffer to videotron ltee buying services and integrating Joncas... Some may continue to call it Jonas, like Pioneer Jonas was...

... And hopefully I did not give them any money or services to them to be miss-leaded in a HR-Management like this... And At least I wish use law and or enforcement to contribute to a fair integration, which not suppose to be possible in a faschiste-like world in North-America....

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