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vendredi 11 octobre 2013

Python ImagePathDesign, an Vector-based orcad engine to enhance Image conversion.

My github , To ImagePathDesign a sub-group Technical-PorteFolio of can be found here is a simple Vector-pair Selected by mouse where you load an image to point rectangle region and Select the proper Field Type and save it after in SVG format... There is several mile-stone before I can reach a functional state for this application, but today it remind me old ancestor developed during free time I had (Diner, between call ) during my session at Synergie-Contact around 2006-2007. 

I may admit, RH where moving just to talk to environment about some guy around and A Chief-Supervisor to Videotron Ltd. in Montreal section just move toward my direct Supervisor just to see about something that make nonsense... 

-Helping client correctly, having perfect speech in french and english, pretending be bored by situation, some will waste something, client behavioring, surfing on the internet, but not crafting an UI with Glade for windows and working with python during call and during lunch time...

 So, this year like advertised many year in advance this project can setup peacefully, already had ton's of trial everywhere between videotron, Lachenaie and Synergie-contact ; This application have settled long enough in this repository to by in advance in its design and can probably be operational before Christmas time...

- Today I just finished the Instrumentation windows to manage rectangle called pair of vector, it use a property call VectorPoint cumuling the information into a list and some other strange Property made around 1996 with python 2.3/2.4 (beta test) was exposed in a BBS and FrancoMedia where something might result from this point of view... Called the Legislative Story of an Actor and an Handy Hand using a GunLoader to acheive a Shot to store the information from a loaded function called Tester ; the story or explaination should start like legislative semantic and the whole Class must be explain like a Jury to explain the action and procedure like old Saxon-Tragedy into CourtHouse... All the debreifing inside the class WxPropertyMouseMgmt, from file ...

Notice: The previous Image might update without notice to next screen-shoot , being repositored, an album of evolution of the design will take place inside the Readme.rst from this repository at the end...

I know, source should contain only Code and Comment, not Story Mister The Teacher... But this one around 1996, there is no evidence of proof, human was understanding the uses of property corretly and even, a free execution from a caddy loader...

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