TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: So we all know, the infringement-one from D'Herelle street was here to steal my Rezound copy.


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vendredi 18 octobre 2013

So we all know, the infringement-one from D'Herelle street was here to steal my Rezound copy.

Ok, its in late 2000, a pseudo-friend get the key from old coloc just to enter inside my appart, get the unfinished copy of Rezound from my RedHat 6 version and put it live on launchpad and did not make any update... Some contributor ( like me... ) did work and sometimes wake-up to see the Source file being spoiled in many way, putting back old-code, replace old code from original stolen copy of 2000 and so on...

So the version rezound-0.12.3beta found on launchpad in source-code did not compile... The one here finaly did and a switch in linking is missing ( I think it was my original copy with no -lX11 inside an , but I was trying to put it elsewhere ) Now the Official github for my own version is here and should pass the future version of Mint, Debian, Ubuntu... I think they manage their own version on Ubuntu... they realize the potential of template and C++....

So the guy stoling it was also catched and also had some major interdiction like not seeing me anymore, I don't know if he had the obligation to behave like broken code if I meet him in a restaurant or a shop... But last time in a Harvey's in Brossard I think it was briefly problematic understanding  his speech...

By the way, the future of this version should be creating an extensive linking with python to open a RPC-like communication services... Like LDTP have a bridge to communicate information between client server, having same ressource around rezound can be a good UX experience due to its strong macro in sound conception and extensive toold for LADSPA toolset saving sound-gate between track should be kept in reminder like... This was great after-all, why not having a backplane to this...

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