TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Weekly build, LM317T internals circuits over Falstad project.


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jeudi 25 février 2016

Weekly build, LM317T internals circuits over Falstad project.

Weekly build in a hobby leisure is also having all your component being on your table and be ready to put the gun, the pencil or the mouse over your first part of your project.

Achieving the 3 and half month on intense testing of the Darlington project, the pin-out board hadn't burn and no transistor are exceeding the temperature range. Remembering the 4 x 2n2222 transistor used to charge capacitor from wide range. The final decision will consist to profit of the cladding effect to pump energy even from emitter trigger from this schema help to charge. This time we improve the vision of what is working toward getting a energy conversion between an error committed during reparation of the primary part hook to the positive voltage regulator, darlington and the board which is generally a photo-flash and consist to be a bunchs of resistors calculated in M Farad a capacitor hold the charge... Believing previously it can be the resistor of the clad taped-transformer acting like clipper can consist dividing the electromagnetism emitted by my 100 watts iron, bu finally it's during soldering and touching the composite called focus inside a « modern walton-crockroft » voltage doubler equivalent being found inside the schema that may compromise state of the electricity and possibly profit from cumulating effect to light-up the led indicator . Looking for what was connected it stop 30 sec after I turn the iron off. Not so far from Tesla story , today story whiteboard is consecrated to the LM317 had probably a good current and voltage regulation, it may prevent energy to jump from the Vout to Vin thru all the schema yield inside datasheet. Hopefully I found one holding at least farad and resistor values. Either having not the Beta-Hfe, nothing is perfect.

So here the 40% of the work, and will be put only at the end of the work. This time I do have couple of idea to attach and test if it does something that make sense... I do also have to patient couple hours if it's not a day to had a complete 30 seconds of observation but may help to understand that 29 transistors being bind in a TO-220 3 pin box...

Being idea of the LM317, and it's brother LM338 which is a bit more powerful, we can believe it's a nominal pieces in battery replacements. Having idea how police car computer can cost a lot to replace and battery being it are not expecting to be power with inverter without affirming it's also a car battery it should cost too in replacement having to drawn 75, 150, 300 watts all the time, alternative like plugin a LM338 with 3, 4 or 5 output of generally 3.5 to 4.2 volts with 500 to 800 milliamperes, it's a task both LM317 and LM338 can perform. Replacing USB powered fan from laptop can be easy can blow a little much more and prevent the IO board to die prematurely. 

About IO board, do somebody remember the tale of the Micro-Byte board order... I do ordered it... I do... and the command number in hand does match the tale... A weird tale...