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Like, Young's modulus is a vibrating variation inside a solid... The times it take to respanw to an excess of energy is what molding apparence may look to not-so solid thing's... Like this Blog when adding content, the effor is like slapping it and the time it goes back, centered... we consider being more stable than usual...

mercredi 29 juin 2016

Another Sheet Calculator, just before Fnct.D Single Side Server.

The Rainy day and all behind Ottawa Online Data Conservation... 

It's our way to fulfill the timeline, Browsing data from past, future. Only have to loop your eth0/wlan0 interface into ppp mode with parameter of SETPPPDATE and shall let you see what's in the future.... Unfortunately if your are asking yourself why your 6/49 winning ticket extracted from SETPPPDATE of day in future does not reward to you and goes directly to Ontario. Because I do published the truth and some trying it, or read it from a satan Kit... Percent of it goes into organization if you do cheat... There is ton of thing to do rather than trying to win a lottery... But some has even invent reality, the one we are in...

Ok it's true, some have reported to have already in hand Fnct.D trial, code and scheme in hand as sooner as 2003-2004 , even if the workable development of this Shell Library was officially lunched in late 2012, they do have question and lot's of trial with Gnome and KDE vlc version where it's not stated to own decent text interface. At this moment in 2003/2004, they do had problems with LUA interface in many environment. Apparently Windows version did not suffer from it. Hopefully they don't or How I had power to develop in 1998 and 2010 had the power to develop and handy Text-transfert application made out Auto-IT that improve text-pasting for password problems over many Terminal screen, including "La centrale" and all T1, T2 locking problem. Even performing pasting for logging  into Windows Shell Terminal. But nightmare still the official BNC main application, made out fortran like environment, they not throwing information about focusing on the

For Fnct.D

Talking strictly, Fnct.D should introduce something else as services and Zenity UI to manage information, to transport-it like interaction socket and attended example should start with VLC and it's main text lua interface starting while open vlc in terminal mode. It doest work to uses NC (Called NetCat ) has fifo piper of information and send it to the command line using Pipe for linking the fifo and the application and throw the information back to the fifo where application NC showing the result after connection.

Essentially it manage the following line, managing the fifo, the application and playlist, parameter from NC and important information to understand toward TCP buffer and time interaction by connection. 

### Managin the fifo
rm -f __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ ;
mkfifo __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ ;
### Services in Internet interaction
__HANDLER__ __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__ | __VLC__ __PLAYLIST__ | nc -lk -i 1 -I __TCP_BUFFER__ -p __PORT__ __IP__ > __PATH_VLC_BUFFER__
### And showed in much better form and possibly implement other services ....
Once here doing wrapper to handle Rate management by detecting the bitrate can look like this

echo "rate 0.88" | nc p __IP__ __PORT__

 ### So the day yo do plug your computer to a Stereo Boosted by unknow
### Darlington Pair and can't enter in your house because Speaker are
### rumbling enough to become ear-impared , you do this command line
### instead...
echo "volume 10" | nc p __IP__ __PORT__

Back to our Electronic Stuff

Here future Electronic Sheet. Initial version inside does hold error inside javascript and render the application useless... Unless they do introduce the change.... I do Introduce other Stuff, like Voltage reference is calculate over 1.25 Volts and the internal datasheet allow calculation over 1.2 to 1.3 as long you do respect some information look toward Shema 3 called Standard Test Circuit inside LM317 datasheet from ON Semiconductor.

Here Some advantage to use this future publication. Having the Vref to change if you dare to take advantage of High-current, imply uses of darlington pair. Look inside inside S.T.C.(*1) for duty cycle to reduce electric-accretation, S.T.C(*1). Secondly to use what will be called Electronic Sheet inside Sub-Blog of this will be called AtLeastItMustGetresult(*2)
  Respect to the autor of ; Akin to doubt working in Canada in Electronic Shop, I do have to confess, triplet of 2N3055 is not a Darlington. Has long you do telling me if inductance can correct this and decrease heat on the rail. Phenomenon corrected on previous publication, and having time to wire wound of ( Tin-Gold-Copper wire from Addisson. ) Professional uses for Music had changed Ohms/m For it skin effect and inductance as well. Or uses Copper from Electrovox which is melting if you do put a flame on to unskin it from it's epoxy ... Unforgettable silicone baking sheet for this task...
(1): S.T.C.: Stand for Standard Test Circuit, referred to LM317 Figure 3 Standard Test Circuit is used to Calculate the Current Load with Pulse of 1% duty cycle. 
(2): AtLeastItMustGetresult: A New blog to hold permanent Electronic Process like this Electronic Datasheet. Our own Blue Book, in memory of Capitaine Star and Second Officer Scarlette Father's Which had same expression and denoted a bull-headed and clear-headed attitude, where both Scarlette Father's hided "Grand Bazaar Black-Hole SpaceShip" inside a catalog as gift for her and Capitaine Star hided information toward federation for unruly boated SpaceShip ; They Both Stated it Should : At - Least - It - Must - Get - Result - to - have - a conclusion. Expression from Capitaine Star coming from 1st season which is not available anywhere on earth by now and only few like Me does remember.