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mardi 6 octobre 2015

To avoid investment in psychiatrist, To promote physiologic support in long and final Term ...

Dear M. Henry

We do miss each other in the grocery ; Happen at many time at many occasion... Personally didn't feel the time passing and hope contact from last event didn't expose you much more to severe contamination . Personally it didn't miss
while some hand can be more struggling than other ; It's not because it exist in a circus,  tamer and famous tamer to arbitrary offer a show out of fighting and struggling .

- Do they all had the time to listen to all of my record from tech support . Assuming being a good example in eucharism and call managing, I
should be inside the section of overemphasizing about on what they all call for. 
time is exhausting for some and I do not «Regret » that last contract had end and should be renewed . But mainly it rely on people didn't see,  didn't focus on and event didn't understand, they probably having all to read their manual if something getting them out of this ... Lying around and wasting bandwidth in the whole... If they can't  waste about all on the daily consumption they should add another extra on what that can be estimated or counted ,
finding something to drain out .

But over time I do realize people having more to resist. Gravity seem to be increasing and start to be much more present than last decade... Lucky for
those living the Center Region of unified gravity , around your institute, but also closer to old Mabe-General electric, and some other old place in montreal as well. Irradiation had start to manifest way before Becancourt and I do apologize and may not come directly from Gentilly-2, but from sea.Do we had heard from Sept-iles in the last decade ... So there is missing analysis to remain a doubt on why it was stop from late '90, to not invest more in physiologic. We do apologize we do fall on something and that something is bigger than our tiny disc-world and remaining radiation are a bit higher ... So we anticipated problems related to nervous system , from excessive energy charged-decharged from local radiation and having physical more to hold on their feets it's not a ill but     physiologically tangible.

For some it start to give us more...