TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: The Hvpe project with a casette, explanation of concrete problem of Applicative Transistor and general Transistor, Also show similar cassette in back to the future, car hood cassette.


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lundi 19 octobre 2015

The Hvpe project with a casette, explanation of concrete problem of Applicative Transistor and general Transistor, Also show similar cassette in back to the future, car hood cassette.

A cassette is an old term in electronic for mounting scheme or plate over another one. Commonly found in adaptation and replacement, the actual HVPE project now found inside another Branch of my repository also include Falstad Free Electronic engine Export-text file of following example. Basically called on-test ; how testing in real term my applicative transistor with common schema . Designed with this tool it report where excess of energy can be found .

I Found incredible to produce only 18 volts out of 330v, 120 µF after 5 second  and heat was excessively high to only put transistor here... While asking myself, heating on the Thorium-Fluoride ball to commonly increase emission of Alpha ray, positron and gamma ray was not the point inside the schema, but confirm these elements to gain precedence in remaining electromagnetism and do have a role in fallback observation made from common TIP132, TIP142 big Darlington pair not heating during test but are far more expensive and big to install. After cassette conversion I should own 2, 3 or even 4 transistor 2n4401 mounted in spiral on the final plate.

And will also demonstrate if it continue charge by itself. A capacitor mix invented in wild '90 stolen or merely adopted by girlfriend, some other had probably bringing to next movie « The Martian », because the schema directly absorb electricity and all decaying radioactive source do had to leak in positron , I mean electron . In air also... But this element give around 7 volts, more than whished inside HVPE existing schema. I do cheat and only put 3v5 Zener diode and only two-stage walton-cockcroft capacitor/diode schema .

- But located on the 120 µF branch it own it's point to show you a turn-off switch time schema to let you see it can stop taking energy, flowing the capacitor into a walton-cockcroft multiplier . While the other technology was to adopt a pic controller to delay the time having an automatic timer to let a FET switching between dual schema.... Where Darlington pair is also involved. See bottom of this news to read around alternative.

However it move up to another Branch inside my repository. Just in case it's easier to access and cleaned from doubtful message .

-- In odd, we have also the Beremia found in movie «Back to the future », a word play around cassette on fifth flight to prevent Bill to stole the century sport almanac . Considering Destroying the look of the car itself, it also not only a cassette but the whole radio deck... Don't forget, cassette in 1955 radio does not hold ferric-manganesis deposition on plastic or acetate film, limited for private use and at this moment radio-interference may be ugly and destroying tape...

Here example of data extracted from my multimeter reporting following applicative transistor under name HSD965, D1960 or 2SC5765 having infinite or really high hFE ( higher than 900 @ 12 volts ), may include internal stuff bound inside the TO-92 casing and altering the data. Not showed inside the datasheet, it report the main function the transistor value found inside the applicative transistor.

General NPN epitaxial transistor know for 2n4401.

HSD965 NPN epitaxial planar transistor, which are suitable for use as AF output amplifier and flash unit.

And this cassette under test will probably hold equivalent of my blog background, but in tinier scale... Don't forget we all can do a Darlington pair over any type of pic of any 8bit controller microchip. They all showing based TIP-120 double pair, but normal NPN epitaxial can be superposed or other it only creating delay if you do added incorrect diode or higher  resistor value.

This cassette for moment planed to hold 2 or 3 NPN 2N4401 where you can imagine having the center of this Darlington having to manage the crude lowest reversion after having increased the voltage, dropping the Ampere .

Next schema will probably include the detail and you can probably imagine to awe on what happening on  magnetic breakage .