TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Footprint ready for HVPE, Cassette designed too.


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mardi 20 octobre 2015

Footprint ready for HVPE, Cassette designed too.

Here the analysis.

Like github is a project builder, using several free tool  like Falstad Free electronic engine, Gimp too, these object are important to extract images, to extract copper line from doubtful plate and mounted in many layer to draw path around connector and also inverting the image to allow a direct view of the top and the connection layer under the pcb .

I do have the Falstad Free electronic engine exported the merely interpreted data collected by the image and also look what is an implementation of 2 times 2n4401 mounted into Darlington pair...

And after replacing the Transistor having no
big definition on it and having collected a really poor data-sheet on it specification of HSD965 .

-- Of course I do have to use other tool to transform this cassette into full-platen and they all exist in Linux/Debian/Ubuntu world ... Including application like gEDA, GSpiceUI, Gwave, PCB design...

And a tiny notice, the tesla coil not available from actual version of Falstad Free electronic engine I use a simple inductor which is half of the truth because anothe pin need to start from center of the inductor coil and exit and touch the Xenon lamp... Or Touching Thorium-hexafluoride if you do want to make electro migration of the fluorine paired and leave thorium available for washing.... Don't know why I talking about that.... Maybe some one burn me out with lighter in the last place I worked, or stole the lighter imagining burning me with... It may include several regret for those catching pancreatic-problems after drinking my stuff without asking if they can drink.... Nope it didn't include any actinide inside but I do believe absorbing some lanthanide during this contract and do have to worry about causing electric disturbance ahead. A child-psychiatry   may remember from ....