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mercredi 22 mars 2017

SVG File, embedded, script, embedded event, embedded all !

Second Draft,  

Achieving good SVG and simply depend the amount of work and/or detail you want to put inside images. As example of Fnct.D diagram explained in chapter « 
Life Cycle in Preambule & Assertion with Prefixed-Variable of BoolVarTest
» from Readme of my github repository for Fnct.D, does include a lot of detail and lot of opacity effect to make user understand, it's image won't die by itself because it's out-of meaning and ... Sometimes Teachers have to get the cray  or the chalk-stick and surround the "Image" or the "meaning word" to show to student on what to focus when it's time to remind it and use teachers literature.  

Back to details outpost, and inkscape is a front-line master in this domain if you want to purely draw out of images and out of "concept", being complex and hard to handle first, it appear in life usability of having at least a Pentium-4, since my dual Pentium-III 700Mhz had problem to run old version of inkscape, made from hard and steady component, it's not heavier it becoming with times, but more stable since processor had specific processing instruction to make vector engine driving wild, and seems to depend on many layer whenever it's driven under Windows station, Linux Box... Or I do have to say it's Mac OSX which is missing personally occasion I did not taken, but surely it does work too. 

Having lesser details in mind like animating value in a schema, this Second draft of this news does include a big re-work of an Export engine achieved yesterday by applying a finishing touch to a Template to let it work correctly... The Application Dia, have severals plug-ins and does have few documents on complexes SWIG action heavily used inside this project since a decade and do have lot of incidence.... We can do about everything unless we haven't think to add it all in the transfert-layer... 

following document is a python Dia Plugin to insert inside plugin directory (from your home or from top directory from installation )
Or Part of my Github: ElectronicSheet

The goal of this improved Export-filter from Dia-diagram to SVG, it include what we calling the 'style' attribute, being heavily used inside inkscape and sodi-podi documents, it lighten the xml element. Since option in a graphic-vector are exactly like Style-sheet, they can be coded in term "option:value;" and can be added one after the other. In prime it also limiting the action in a DOM-document to not having too much attribute and option that belong to a graphic which can dynamically change.This require to application to relieve from 'style attribute'. 

So my version of become, and do transport information like stroke, font, filling information inside one attribute. Next imply developing the internal class SvgLxmlEngine to use lxml module know to etree ElementTree from «Stephan Richter», and existing from severals years, actually it only include fews component inside my class SvgLxmlEngine to demonstrate build of a xml element being addressed in SVG fashion, but intensively rebuild all the template by using a possible external infrastructure like database, xml coded in json, something useful to hold and grow with demand... As long it read the external information and generate a steady template like default made from initial modification can be reasonable. The point is to afford exploding the structure to let it possible to develop more plugin or uses advantage of 'GNU General Public License' to make even communication layer called 'begin_render', since I do have inspected the binding code from Dia from version 0.97.2 being using file in C++ called dia-render.cpp with it's include file, do have some modification thinked if I do want to transfert more information about Object Diagram.

Make Object Diagram reflected   

After few analysis, I do realize inside the Object itself, imaged from a Electronic Schema made from an LM317 example of driving Pulsed DC in 0-37 volts in differents ampere relation to distribute constant 'Ratting' operation in 'Watts' is speakless without attributing name to object... Making it addressing information like Chip voltage entry, resistor value, are common in an electronic box-project. Willing to demonstrate a simply sheet relation of LM317 and it's rating towards uses of severals transistors, making the sheet calculation and not to redraw the schema everytimes.... So exporting names may help putting 'ID' and/or 'NAME' attribute to export to SVG help "internal script" from script SVG support being present in SVG draft and over the internet in a web-page like showed with my jsfiddle (at the end of this news) shows the equations in SVG, The schema of the electronic schema and since the "First Draft" from my filter, it's twice easier to export a diagram and still have hand in the SVG data easily... 

Making it speak like the calculation ( talking about Voltage reference )... We always have less to touch since the formula is out unless this one is not TRUE ! 

So this filter will also have Window option to probably filter element and for wished one to add a specific ID or NAME.

First Draft,

Working through this Script-network friendly tight to github, google and many more cloud network. Some history toward first uses of where people do have everything embedded, but once at the time and require to work with JQuery and SVG.js does require yo do paste a script-file or link inside html windows... But giving only the link to you boss said, your job is done... Not at all, requirement are not embedded if you spout-it out in private place.

To test it out, It cost at least a hand, a pencil and the name of this website to test it's triviality.
 - What it's the name again:

You do know François Pérusse, he does a lot of song with only stroke like  « Fiddle, Twiddle, Dwiddle », can you write me down...

So with Forked work, It just end-up with first write-down of an Up-idea. Having SVG in hand and finally a computer that stand for the run. Outer of Sea-Monkey browser with incompatible XUL-Runner and Poor DOM from 2005-2007, ancestor of Mozilla version 12 to 30 does not support XUL under linux until 2008 and finally everyone going well and everything still like it was before they decide to put the plug out of W3C-DOM property.

So the Up-Idea is to conceive a formula, taken from datasheet, LM317T a preferred uses of this voltage-regulator  with resistor preset, have twice be tested with normal steady current, normal voltage, this Spring I do run a batch of 2.5 Volts solar panel to provide a fixed 174 millilamps with special NEC 5.5V capacitor around 2.2 Farad. Special because they are not cumulating in parallel and does have few extra chip embedded to detect rail-charge...  

So the Formula of LM317 is inside a Serial Vector and Graphic format. Dealing with the external formula computed inside a Javascript formula, I do think to make this SVG interactive and do come with Reference voltage to 0.00 volts inside the document, but embedding my javascript, JQuery and SVG.js  inside it (because content of the svg/html can be read directly by inkscape ) and thus produce a file loadable by the browser and does have an interaction and does warn you the Reference voltage still to 0.00 volts and you do see the Image changing it to 1.25 volts the nominal answer from the datasheet.

The only one reason why I did not start making this formula out of MathML another clumsy plug-ins that do take couple of hours to uses (if it's still exist in 2016), but 2006 version does require a lot of patience to write down equation from a browser plug-ins. And does not ensure have it ready to process information, but simply to print it out from PostScript. While having open and conform idea, it push this chip to be know a little bit. It's still an idea the current and voltage are separate calculation while it does have to remain in a multiples variables solving equation. My actual TI-36X pro have it's numeric solver, and do report both current and voltage over solving R1 and R2 from this formula... Nothing more than Secondary fiver 536-Math courses come back, with handy drawer against L.R.S. ( Logarithmic Recursive Solving ) , I think ... Across a curve from different domain it reduce the information until a valid domain give same answer of same logarithmic scale... Because it's far two solve it easily in 536-Math, we do solve this theorem through hyperbolic function. I think it's the value extrapolation come far to infinite and it's easy for some to understand they haven't use the correct curve...

Back to this SVG, the final answer make it possible to change the value from the id 'VectorFormula' was not to load it from SVG, Object SVG( ), but processing with standard JavaScript document.getElementById, and putting an id to a text region called 'vref', this one can be accessible from attribute 'textContent' which is the special attribute and not 'value' to read the text value. Changing the value does require to to accept on second line of html code to put the «SVG.js», version 2.5.0 inside script and add the version 3.1.1  of JQuery, and simple call

« $(document).ready(function(){$("tspan#vref").text( IntVref.toString() ) ;}); »

While on my github :
The file is present and interactive. 

And all the magic does something in making image interacting.

- Updated 2017-03-24, 22h00, EST, script. - Updated 2017-03-24, 22h50, EST, script. - Updated 2017-03-29, 15h00, EST script. version 150 - Updated 2017-05-05, 22h20, EST script. version 175 (Require to select the Result case to see the result...)