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mercredi 29 mars 2017

From Draw to gift.

At 6 years old, you don't have ability to draw reflect, translucency and many related presence of glass, under-water and reflect.

Found on Canadian site of crayola, a gist give to my hunt  in the early moment. At this age is twice hard to find good thing to draw and surely, good way to make proportion that make sense. This « Vase », it originally a «Crystal Vase » with dark roses... Really unpopular near 1986, it come out idea to draw a vase with the wallpaper of my original kitchen during this year. After looking out I do realize it fit more proportionally to latte of the curtain, making them open it's twice easy do draw until i do have to draw the "Really brown sideboard". I think it's probably the only one that fit with the remaining color left in the crayola pouch after a brother and sister wax-pen war that horribly end by helping «Mom» cleaning because I was not involved and I also haven't  tell them enough to stop throwing  all the crayola like missile.

The draw offer to my aunt for her birthday, contains couple of problems, probably re-edited, scotch-tape was used to hide the tear done by «waxing» in brown the sideboard draw over the acrylic-wool. My mother insist to say she have it buy, but having done couple of years before we move to this place. This acrylic-wool tablecloth contains squares pattern and lot of bigger-pattern and take so many times to make she definitively stop to embroider  for a while.