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lundi 25 janvier 2016

Fnct.D Dilem, having it change the Switches or Not, not so evident to prove it.

While some effort was done toward filling and updating Curriculum vitae , there is ton of filter for both Jobboom, carrer seek and workopolis in my mail, considering having to think to Unique ID to filter-them thru time instead of normal ranking filter. Implies we decide to implement co-development of filter and save those not working or simply non effective until we find those not working because Gmail filter regular expression or normal syntax is exhausted after specified too much parameters . Still affording a good classification and might be harder to ask-them to promote a in-time classification upon  «version-ning » .

While basic effort should look like
 we do should manage 2 other section, folder section and filter section. Folder section like showed down is correct, but Filter section is messy sometimes .

Folder Section is fine and support Tree development.
Filter Are big and may include a lot of exclusion before firing on target. Assuming it remain good to own Collegian INF-101 from a Informatic Technology from DEC offer in Québec Région to afford search in file and folder, it's also part of searching coumpound element thru classical MS-DOS syntax. Linux Syntax later offer in INF-201/INF-202 will include knowledge for Filter like following at your right. Thank's to M.Shaned to report this news way before it Happen . 

And FNCT.D ?

Having found a dilemma hard to resolve and curiously developping DOS ID for formatting a key, require in some specification to afford knowledge of generation of Hexadecimal, having to use GetPasswd we fall on a conclusion to generate 4 ASCII caracter bigger or not in classical form [A-Za-z] and number [0-9] to afford story telled to auto-convert ASCII into hexadecimal. Regard to old ANSI.sys driver it was possible to address a value from in hand typed on prompt and will store the value into video driver, calling it back will give you the instant value. Also creating simple file from gdb and getting the ${RANDOM} value 4 times and piped in into file with ">>" operator will let the GDB from classical MS-DOS to extract hexadecimal value. Having to of example from this method it was merely use to format a disk and associate it ID made from this element. Cheer-ring remaining living school-er from 1999 sequel of Rosemont College, we do had pass it ... 

So the remaining dilemma of does UUID from time-based or explicitly random was issue from this syntax or not. if this tidal move from FNCT.D to use explicit compaction of sequence executed from expanded syntax to promote least action to work in mere environment.  We know Bash shell does had it limit from those say it merge from Way-wide operation to strict action leaving un-regular action to stop working and leave only strict expression to work . 

Having :
ArrayFnctLibCode[0]="GPSize=4 GPFactor=500 GPRandomSeed=4 GPArgType=cnsB1,cysB1,cnsyB1,cn GPGenFormType=3 GetPasswd" ; 

Array ArrayFnctLibCode holding another form of argument to pass to it's internal function pwgen application having a Fourth(4) sequence to generate only ASCII text randomly in 4 characters sequence we add GPArgType last value to own value "cn" ( corresponding to classical pwgen -cn 4 ).

The classical hard part like piped other command to swallow results and make it operable :

DosID=$( ${ArrayFnctLibCode[0]} 2>&1 | egrep "passwd:" | sed 's/\(^passwd\:\)\(\[\)\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)\(\]\)/\3/g' | hexdump -n 4 -e '""1/1 "%02X"""' ) 

 Include way to filter password out of it's original command also displayed from command GetPasswd and finally another command call hexdump to use a specific format to output 32bit like hexadecimal required inside following command 

mkfs.vfat -F 32 -i ${DosID} -m MessageBoot.txt -n BOOTXDEVLPT -R 2  (devices) 

On other side developping UUID random is used thru wrapped uuidgen application called GetUUID .

eval $( echo GetUSwitches=$( GetUUID --get GetUSwitches | sed 's/t/r/g' ) GetUUID )  

give a result... 

Uses of --get inside Fnct.d also involve inspecting a function and return it's current value. We imagine we are changing the value according to a future Schema Which I expect to have it some day and will extract it's XSL like caracter conformane for this specific switches from uuidgen -r will have a range of 2 choice of '-r' for random and '-t' for time based UUID. Having this result who may guess this option was working if this test was done by a automatic test to whenever extract a value and change it in future we do have automatic test and checking value... Which is mostly Django plone and Serious other High-Level Python effort to promote a field description to create file and specific data sample to test and once executed we do have a result. Recent browsed example like Euler project in python to transverse from textual description into mathematical code is still in dream because some other part like OEIS.ORG did not own external and accessible API. Which is «Formidable» to own such specific documented integer list to achieve plausible de-coiling of finite structure like what Power-ball may own has distributivity....

In this case having a Big "Why", over what is holding recent hardened security of uses of UUID having a hope over perfect hashing algorithm and  PDF( Efficient Computation of the Number of Paths in a Grid Graph with Minimal Perfect Hash Functions ) Will improve analysis by passing argument to observed compound element to extracted information if you are in a Investigation over Why we should trust PowerBall or not.

Denoted, in quebec Québec Alternative of Loto-Québec based on natural event does comply with Reign and do know where are winner and where are sum to win. 

According to a Royal consultant to confirm it's important to let a «Future Crimminal » in a Royal environment to let it free to own all win prior to let it . Only do it's future accusation to surpass it's nature because we do believe in honesty of the present and do have the technology to assume preemption.  

A "Terrorist" will have to land here in this place, to win bet and ultimately cross the land called "Fabric" to buy it's nuclear pellet to acheive it's bombs .... 

According to it's preemption action we do know they can't landing here in our Royal land... While in United State we do have fact present local criminal have walk out of our line and does do the queue to buy PowerBall lottery while they can ask to you local Psychiatrist to let you buy win and tell it we do regret of your crime but it was a miss-view from your side but not us. 

So it's important to know everything about your side-distribution. Having Loto-Québec can not ask loan or ultimately ask to other party to get money despite having confirmation nobody will loose the Weekly 649 lottery, while some firm being PowerBall and subsidiary group can form and inflate the market.