TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Alginate and Proton Conductivity ability.... While talking while ago with my oldest hunt about alginate in cell protection for Americanium wear.


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samedi 14 novembre 2015

Alginate and Proton Conductivity ability.... While talking while ago with my oldest hunt about alginate in cell protection for Americanium wear.

While I was young, around 8 years old ,

I told an idea to mold an alginate tube to hold Americanium pellets rather to glue it directly on skin to remove heat and persistent heat effect I do feel after immediate contact with such radioactive compound.

After found a read on «The Society of Polymer Science» of Japan , they confirm crafting proton polymer conductive material.

- Those fearing adding too much friction-alcohol or call iso-polar alcohol in their alginate mixture if they are « pretending » extending some body part for a Night and fearing making alginate unable to fix... Polar substance are effectively bad for some Nuclear-compound and hard-magnetic...

As normal observation or cutting Neodyme magnet magnetic field imply immersing magnet inside polar alcohol and will cut the magnetic field, this 2008 edition of this journal confirm uzing 1,2,4-Triazole which is COOH related compound.

Preparation and Proton Conductivity of Polymer Electrolytes

While I was looking if I'm doing my HVPE project to charge an old sulphur water based  capacitor .... or empacitor I should say, Some work toward Neodyme in transformer to revert magnetic field with presence of nuclear falling material as «dopant» like Americanium, Thorium in High-Voltage driven by Darlington in late 2012, gave me a production or portable photo-flash taking half of an hour charging the 350 volts capacitor and may lost instantly it's charge in really high magnetic field which lead to burn .... Occured on right side of my hip... It's doing fine finally recover and did not left exceptional trace on the skin...

Some may also aggregate Cockcroft and Rutherford work and effort in ionization and proton understanding, and deriving experiment with high voltage on recent radioactive material had conclude and ionization of 46 kV for thorium and broking field of Neodymium magnet stand around 150 kV... Which is cheaper to use polar-alcohol but unpracticable to scheme-out and motor driven with Darlington to immerse the Neodymium after detecting a remanance of the magnetic field with an hall-effect sensor like SS495 from Honey-Well . So before being burned out twice I do port out the experiment out of an belt and work with parallel transformer and making some schema on my Github  .

- Today It also answer my question of having a per-proton ratio called Alginic acids lead to form more heat than magnetic field, a diode like forward engine and be good in Sulphur in near-cathode and uses of peroxyde to drive a more energic empacitor will lead to create hydrogen and know embodiment of this technology and may reduce over-production of hydrogen or paired proton . The question was also Do I have to prepare multiple concentration of sulphur and alginate ....

- While they other side about preventing a magnetic field to de-link and falling into nuclear reation ( know source of proton is Sun and it's solar flare observed by nasa to be many de-linking of magnetic field ) , may confirming putting a transformer or source of electric heating field into harder possibility to produce proton , by shielding the transformer inside a casing of alginate .... And Neodymium magnet too... imaginating this one can revert it's magnetic shield and loose it's force, a nuclear moment it existing and this one is more than ideal to prepend a forward force, in all case it's emision of positron the pre-dominant radiation and still good to have prof of forward-ability 

-- If it's not how coupling high energy out of em-Darlington, it's a possibility to have common paste in future plating , radiation decoupling and momentum focusing ... Almost like silicon-dopant to reveal weakness in electric field to get common fall-out energy ratio .

Sometimes I regret being part or Crown, It's also useless to emit patent with my name , they all working on my side either...