TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: If you waiting for the Official Message, my Where Clause engine in .NET/Mono development had end.


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dimanche 20 décembre 2015

If you waiting for the Official Message, my Where Clause engine in .NET/Mono development had end.

If some hadn't  spend it's whole life for decryption of a Cast-5 Chain bloc ciphered message, it's because there is no development out of a team retrieving a mid university project being smashed to remove important part of en engine out of SQL-compliant engine able to do Select, but no « Where » clause and trying to convince «Revenu Québec» to continue to plaid for plausible subvention for hiring « Crew » in goal to alternatively craft an alternative... Out of a Rejection from «Compagnie near Ste-Julie» established in a old «H&R Block», they still doing joke to interview even «Name cited but protected here», to pass an interview. Protecting the Fab's in it's material protection to afford the term :

- I do defend the material barely legally installed for the event, they have 30 days to register or this set-up is not operable to do business.

- I do like the keyboard, it convenient and usable and comfortable. But it's messy to ask to an employees to craft a JS function just to screen data to be published on html and dhtml...

So instead of waiting for 11 years of contiguous deciphering, removing the project is a bit clever, rather to ask for Captain Star for order rather than receiving order like «You have prove that black-engine work ».

or still wait for the message in any form it can be delivered.