TheySaySomethingInterrestingApparently: Don't forget City of Hope @ Encore2 channel.


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dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Don't forget City of Hope @ Encore2 channel.

In memory of Clovis...

City of hope filmed around 1970 in Montreal region, hold ton of archetype including pre-selection of wife of future First Black men Ruling United States ( Men was not selected yet but a main Black actor in this movies and Sesams street's was in final ) ; And Freddy Mercury as Well....

You can also see fraction of 2 to 5 seconds of Tv Pubs of M.Bain. The  arrested One in Many occasion like Last Election in Montreal, reported many times by humoristic showed called "100 limits", reported twice in "Tout le monde en Parle" with a Music star ( Alice Cooper ) , studying in Psychology ; talking about equivalent person troubling surround ... While Bain is not know at all he fit well in these type of agressive look while his publicity inside City of hope, was also a derogation of M. Boulet formely know by Financist has the fan from film financing ... While he ask me fews years ago, about relation of city of Hope and Bains itselfs after reporting it inside a common Tv talk shows...

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